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Commonly Asked Questions

1. China Amusement Rides Market?
Amusement Rides born from Ancient European and has been developed fast around the world.
The Amusement Rides was almost blank during the 1980s in China. Until the reform and opening up, China amusement rides manufacturers gradually emerged.
In modern times, the type and quantities of amusement rides are increasing. Chinese amusement rides manufacturers also develop from simple mechanical facilities to various types of park rides around the theme of park with customization.
Nowadays, due to the high cost of production in the European, most of the major amusement rides manufacturers in the European have closed their factories and changed their business structure, now mainly operate as importers and distributors.
China is the hub of manufacturing amusement rides in the world. Many African and Asian distributors import amusement rides from China and resell it to their local market.
No matter small or large park, Chinese factories have the ability to be flexible with different budgets and park situations to manufacture the quality amusement rides.
There are mainly 2 provinces to produce amusement rides in China, that is Guangdong and Henan.
Guangdong is famous for Video game equipment. Since electronics industry is advanced in Guangdong. You can easily find arcade game machine with thousands of suppliers in Guangdong.
Actually Henan is really the origin of China Electromechanical Machinery. Most of the amusement rides produced in Henan are large mechanical types, such as roller coaster, breakdance and penulum rides.
2. China Amusement Rides Manufacturer VS European Amusement Rides Manufactures?
Choosing the right amusement rides manufacturer for your park can be a challenging work and it’s often difficult to choose the suitable manufacturer between China and European.
Many people say Made-in-China is low quality. Actually every coin has two sides and you still can’t be free of any potential problems with European products.
Let us be honest here, and have the courage to reveal the fact.
Anyone who has bought an iPad, iPhone might see the note on the back side labelling that its products are designed in California. But that does not mean they are manufactured there.
To be honest, many foreign brands have their products assembled in China.
Anyone who has bought an iPad, iPhone might see the note on the back side labelling that its products are designed in California. But they are manufactured in China.
Is not iPhone a high end product that everyone wants to have?
In fact, the cost of manufacturing amusement rides is quite low in China.
It is the reason why China amusement rides are much affordable than those manufactured in Europe or America.
What is more, importing amusement rides from China is convenient, easy and safe.
In fact, amusement rides are inspected before being installed in both China domestic market and foreign markets.
European Amusement Rides cost more budget for park owners and it takes longer time to cover the investment.
People with limited budget could not bear many quantities Amusement Rides from European made.
China Amusement Rides could reduce your budget on buying park facilitiy and meet your local government standard.
The bottom line?
China Amusement Rides could generate higher return on investment with less time compared with European made.
3. How Much Does Amusement Rides Cost?
How much do carnival amusement rides cost?

As indicated on the internet ,an amusement rides may cost you over $200,000.

However, this is not the truth.


There are various factors that decide the estimated cost of amusement rides.

Raw materials of amusement rides

The amusement rides can be produced by different materials such as wood, glass, steel etc.

The choice of raw material will decide the final amusement rides cost.

Types of amusement rides


A roller coaster will definitely cost more than a carousel ride.


As roller coaster consist of more complex structure and components.

Complex designs are more expensive than simple one.

The bottom line?

You need to consider the material, design and types of amusement rides when estimating the cost of amusement rides.

4. How to Find Reliable Amusement Rides Manufacturers from China?
When it comes to source amusement rides manufacturers and suppliers, China is the first choice.

However, you need to do proper research to get the best deals.

Search for Companies that Choose Right Materials

Remember, it is the raw materials that determine the cost of amusement park rides.

In fact, companies that acquire raw materials at a cheaper price will sell their amusement rides at a relatively affordable price.

Search for Companies that Invest in R&D

Manufacturing Amusement Rides require a lot of R&D.

It is through R&D that the company will decide whether to use bearings from Japan, sensors from Japan or PLC from Germany.

Search for Companies with QC Team

The main aim of a professional QC team is to ensure the machines are up to par with

Furthermore, their QC team is also knowledgeable about the amusement rides, industry and consumer expectations.

Search for Companies that Provides One-stop-solution

Some of the reasons why we insist on a company that provides a one-stop-solution for all amusement rides include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Centralized technical support
  • Possibility of discounts for bulk purchases
  • Consistency in quality
  • Reducing incompatibility issues

Search for Companies that Complies with Crucial Standards

Remember, any company that manufactures amusement rides should conform to various industry standards.

Contact only Amusement Rides Manufacturers with Over 10 Years

Manufacturing amusement rides require a lot of quality inspection and experience.

New companies in the amusement rides industry may not have all the testing equipment, expertise and knowledge.


Apart from these tips, you need to ask as many questions as possible to seek all the necessary clarifications.

It’s through this that you’ll get a reliable and trusted amusement rides manufacturer in China.

5. When Should I Buy Amusement Park Rides?
The appropriate time to buy a amusement park rides is basically when the supply is high and the demand is low.
You will get incredible discounts.
Normally, the demand for a amusement rides increases when summer is just about to begin.
That is, during spring.
During summer, amusement rides could be very expensive.
Buy your amusement rides during winter.
At this time of the year, the demand for amusement park rides is quite low.
6. Who Are The Top Amusement Rides Manufacturer in China?
Sinorides is one of the top reliable and reputable Amusement Rides Manufacturer in China.
The company supplies amusement park rides in both the Asia, Africa, European and American markets with 2000+ park projects.

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