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As premier amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides offer series of bumper cars such as ground bumper cars for sale, sky net bumper cars for sale, electrical bumper cars for sale and portable bumper cars for sale.

Sinorides supply global shipping and various spare parts for bumper cars.

Sinorides bumper cars for sale including accessories are available for any attraction situation and offer a variety of features meeting your local park business needs.


Why Sinorides Bumper Cars for Sale?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

How Sinorides Bumper Cars Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

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Bumper Cars Laser Cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Amusement Rides For Sale Fire Cutting

Bumper Cars Fire Cutting

Various shapes fire cutting machine, fast and high accuracy.

Amusement Rides For Sale CNC Machine

Bumper Cars CNC Machine

Expert machine operator, consistent qualified standard on every Sinorides amusement rides.

Amusement Rides For Sale Welding

Bumper Cars Welding

10+ welding experience workers, high accuracy, no deformation.

Amusement Rides For Sale Polishing

Bumper Cars Polishing

Multi-Functioning polishing equipment, perfect overall appearance.


Bumper Cars Painting

Environmental gel coat, smooth surface without defects.

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Bumper Cars Manufacturer in The Market

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Bumper Cars For Sale: The Definitive Guide

Are you looking for the bumper cars for sale?

This guide will tell you everything about bumper cars for sale to help you find the qualified types in China bumper cars manufacturers.

Let’s dive in.

What is Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars also called dodgem cars, it is a very entertaining and exciting amusement equipment.

Tourists have fun in driving bumper cars, chase and collide with each other.

Bumper cars can be used in amusement parks and other entertainment venues.

It not only provide a good entertainment atmosphere but also have a higher return on investment.

Bumper cars include the cars and an indoor venue.

There are aprons made of rubber around the bumper cars to protect people and cars against damage.

The bumper car usually can bear two people at most, with pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering.


Bumper Cars History


The prototype of Bumper Cars was created in the 20th century by Victor Levand.

The Stoehrer brothers improved the prototype of Bumper Cars and invented bumper cars in 1920.

Nowadays, bumper cars have been developed and Innovated many types to let people have more fun.

Bumper Cars for sale Classification

Here is the truth:

There are many standards to classify bumper cars.

Here we list the whole categories of bumper cars.

Keep Reading.

Bumper Cars for sale Classification Based On the Power Supply


Bumper cars can be classified into Skynet Bumper Cars, Ground-grid Bumper Cars and Battery Bumper Cars according to the energy power supply type.

Let’s see the detail intro of these bumper cars below.

Sinorides Skynet Bumper Cars For Sale

dodgem cars manufacturer

The Skynet Bumper Car is an interesting amusement equipment.

It runs anywhere in a fixed space and can collide with each other.

They are driven by a DC motor.

The electric motor is energized by the conductive device.

By the trailing pin on the vehicle body.

The cars can be driven by passengers, as they freely choose their collision course.

There is a conductive rod at the rear of the skynet bumper car connected to the conductive surface.

The power supply mode of Skynet bumper cars is a power supply network composed of strip conductors.

Sinorides Ground-grid Bumper Cars For Sale

indoor bumper cars for sale Sinorides

This bumper car is also driven by a DC motor.

The biggest difference between the ground grid bumper cars is the power supply mode.

The main power supply method of the ground grid bumper car is to lay the steel plate conductive plate on the ground, etc.,

It is operated by the principle of tire conductivity.

Ground net bumper cars are suitable for playgrounds such as squares or parks.

Sinorides Battery Bumper Cars For Sale

Sinorides electrical bumper cars Supplier

The main power of the battery bumper car is the rechargeable battery.

The advantage of rechargeable battery is fast charging, not restricted by the venue, good safety performance and suitable for a wide range of venues.

Its whole power comes from its battery, and only a flat piece is needed.

Sinorides Portable Bumper Cars For Sale

portable bumper cars for sale by Sinorides

Portable bumper cars for sale is designed for the showmen who travel around the carnival business.

Portable bumper cars is easy to install and disassemble.

It saves time and labor cost for small budget park business.

Bumper Cars for sale Classification Based On the Applications

Do you know that bumper cars can be categorized with the places where it is applied?

Here we list the most common application for bumper cars.

Fairground Bumper Cars

Fairground is a permanent space that host party and events.

Fairground bumper cars is popular to kids and most of Fairground bumper cars are set in a fixed place to run.

Showmen can take the Fairground bumper cars to different places to earn the revenues.

Funfair Bumper Cars

Funfair bumper cars is used in the funfairs to let kids ride during the funfair time.

It is very suitable for the showmen to carry and run in various venues.

The low cost and easy to install feature makes Funfair bumper cars a good investment on funfair business.

Carnival Bumper Cars

Carnival bumper cars is also used in the midways by the small park owners and showmen.

Carnival bumper cars is durable in outdoor environment and convenient to maintain.

If you want to start the carnival business, carnival bumper cars will be a good choice with low budget and easy to transport.

Bumper Cars for sale Classification Based On Where it is used 

Indoor Bumper Cars

Indoor bumper cars is mainly used in the indoor venues such as shopping mall, indoor parks, etc.

It usually has fixed space and battery-powered to run.

Indoor bumper cars is often set in the large people traffic place to let enough people to play so as to keep the profit.

Outdoor Bumper Cars

Outdoor bumper cars is applied in the outside space such as outdoor parks, midways, etc.

With electric battery, Outdoor bumper cars can run in long time.

If you don’t have a fixed space, the Outdoor bumper cars is suitable to a temporary site.

Bumper Cars for sale Classification Based On the Users


Bumper cars can be different with the users who play it.

Generally, adults bumper cars is different from the kids bumpers.

Let’s discuss it below.

Adult Bumper Cars

Adult bumper cars refer to the bumper cars that is designed for the adults.

Here is the truth:

The size of Adult bumper cars is usually larger than kids bumper cars.

Skynet Adult Bumper Cars For Sale

Skynet Adult Bumper Cars is designed with bright colors, no fading and environmental protection.

It is corrosion resistant with good stability.

The power supply method of Skynet Adult Bumper Cars is to arrange a number of conductive strips on a large enough insulating board.

The electrical polarity of adjacent conductive strips is opposite, and each conductive strip is connected to the end of the power supply with the same name by an appropriate method.

Ground-grid Adult Bumper Cars For Sale

The bottom of the ground grid bumper car is connected to the floor, and directly connected together through conductive devices.

The ground of Ground-grid Adult Bumper Cars is generally paved with steel plates.

The steel plate can directly use ordinary ground to conduct electricity to the bumper car itself.

Battery Adults Bumper Cars For Sale

The adults battery bumper cars does not require special site configuration,

It can be used everywhere when it is fully charged,which is very convenient to use.

The adults battery bumper cars is suitable for mobile operation.

Kids Bumper Cars For Sale


The bumper car is invented for the kids at the beginning.

Now it has different types and styles.

Here we introduce them.

Keep reading.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale is a new bumper car that is suitable for Scenic spot.

It use the Inflatables as the main structure and easy to transport with light weight.

Inflatable Bumper Cars can reduce the potential damage to kids when the cars collide as the Inflatable material is light.

UFO Bumper Cars for Sale

Kids like special design items.

UFO bumper cars feature in the UFO appearance and is very popular among the kids.

The UFO bumper cars is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery, driven by a 12V DC motor, and controlled by 2 joysticks, which can realize forward, reverse, left turn, right turn and other functions.

No specific site is required, it can be used on a flat concrete floor.

Bumper Cars for sale Specifications

Skynet bumper cars for sale Specification:

Dimensions: L1.9mxW1.2m×H0.95m

Required Area: 20SQM/Car

Number of Seats: 2P/Car

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 230W

Ground grid bumper cars for sale specification:

Dimensions: L1.9mxW1.2m×H0.95m

Required Area: 20SQM/Car

Number of Seats: 2P/Car

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 230W

Battery bumper car for sale Specification:

Dimensions: L1.9mxW1.2m×H0.95m

Required Area: 20SQM/Car

Number of Seats: 2P/Car

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 230W

Portable bumper car for sale specification:

Dimensions: L26.3mxW16.6m×H2.67m

Required Area: 160㎡

Number of Seats: 30P

Number of Cars: 15PCS

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 40kW



Bumper Cars for Sale Structure


There are many different types of bumper cars for sale with different structures.

Here we introduce the main components of bumper cars.

Skynet Bumper Cars for Sale Structure

The skynet bumper cars is composed of several components.

It is:

  • operating mechanism
  • transmission mechanism
  • vehicle body
  • chassis
  • rear wheel
  • buffer tire
  • seat belt
  • conductive rod
  • electric switch

Let’s start from the operating mechanism.

Operating Mechanism of Skynet Bumper Cars for Sale

The control of the operating mechanism drives the bumper car to advance, retreat, turn left and right, and the like.

The two sides of the bumper car are equipped with a pneumatic buffer, which enables them to collide at will.

Steering Mechanism of Skynet bumper cars for sale

The steering mechanism is meshed by the bevel gear.

Whenever the passenger turns the steering wheel, the steering mechanism steers the bumper car.


The steering mechanism must be flexible.


The gear clearance should be routinely checked so as to prevent glitches.

It should be Noted:

The steering wheel and the steering rod are connected by pins.

Long-term collision tends to loosen these pins.

Vehicle body of Skynet bumper cars for sale

Vehicle body is the frame of all bumper cars to bear the people.

Chassis of Skynet bumper cars for sale

Chassis is something like a shell to cover the vehicle body of bumper cars.

It is used to make the bumper cars looks nice.

Rear wheel of Skynet bumper cars for sale

Rear wheel is the wheel of bumper car that drive people to run.

Buffer Tire of Skynet bumper cars for sale

It should be noted:

Buffer Tire of Skynet bumper cars for sale should not be Inflated as much as possible.

Instead, inflated too full is not good for tires.

Seat Belt of Skynet bumper cars for sale

The seat belts of the bumper cars is the safety device to keep people safe.

During collision, people will bump into the vehicle due to inertia.

In that instance:

Seat Belt is primarily help to prevent passengers from hitting the steering wheel.

Conductive Rod of Skynet bumper cars for sale

Conductive Rod is used to conduct the electricity as the power energy to the bumper car.

Conductive Rod is arranged on a large enough insulating board.

The electrical polarity of adjacent conductive strips is opposite.

Each conductive strip is connected to the end of the power supply with the same name by an appropriate method.

In the bumper car activity place using this power supply method, the ground does not need to be covered with steel plates, and ordinary ground can be used directly.

Electric Switch of Skynet bumper cars for sale

Electric Switch is mainly used to control the start and shutdown of bumper cars.

Ground-grid Bumper Cars For Sale Structure


The whole set of the Ground-grid Bumper car rides mainly consists of Body Structure and Yard Structure.

Body Structure of Ground-grid Bumper Cars For Sale

The body of the bumper car is composed of an operating mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a vehicle body, a chassis, a conductive wheel, a buffer tire, a seat belt, and an electrical switch.

Yard Structure of Ground-grid Bumper Cars For Sale

This structure is similar to the one for Skynet Bumper Cars.

Epoxy floor yards are resistant to moisture and can adapt to relatively humid environments and climates.

Battery Bumper Cars For Sale Structure

The battery bumper car is mainly composed of a driving mechanism, a steering system, a battery, a buffer tire, a vehicle body, a cockpit, a seat belt and a walking wheel.

How Does Bumper Cars Work

Working Principle of Skynet Bumper Cars for Sale

Here is the truth:

The Skynet bumper car is illuminated by a DC motor.

The positive and negative electrodes of the power supply are respectively connected to the ceiling and the floor.

The DC motor can be operated electrically by the conductive device.


It can also be operated by the trailing pin on the vehicle body, which drive the vehicle body in operation.

Working Principle of Ground-grid Bumper Cars for Sale

The Ground-grid bumper car is driven by a DC motor.

The AC power is controlled and converted through the electrical console.


The DC voltage is channelled to the electrode plate of the vehicle.


The DC positive and negative poles are respectively sent to the bumper car through the bottom wheel of the car.

Here’s the deal:

The DC power is applied via the foot switch, which is delivered into the motor to rotate the DC motor.

The DC motor rotates and drives the wheel through the centrifugal clutch and the speed reduction mechanism.

The car can collide at will since the vehicle body is equipped with a pneumatic buffer.

Working Principle of Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

The operation process is quite simple and straightforward.


When a passenger gets on the car and presses the pedal switch, the motor is energized from the battery.

The chain sprocket on the drive wheel is driven by the chain deceleration.

This consequently causes the movement of the bumper car.

Are Bumper Cars Safe?


Many people wondering if the bumper cars are safe to play.

Actually a rubber ring with good elasticity is installed on the edge of the bumper cars.

The elasticity of the rubber rings can just offset the impact they generate when they collide, so that they can withstand the collision.

Besides the rubber ring, the seat belt is also applied to enusure the safety.

In conclusion, bumper cars is safe to play and kids need to be accompanied with parents when riding on the bumper cars.

How Much is a Bumper Car


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