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Want to grow park business and more revenues?


You’ve come to the right place.

Let Sinorides Boom Your ParK Business Now

How Sinorides Helps You Grow Park Business & More Revenues

You started your park because you want people to visit it.

You want your park to attract people.

You want your park rides to reach a wide visitors.

You want to build a base of fans that engage in your every park event.

And yes, directly, you also want to make money from your park.

But here’s the big question:

If you’re a beginner, buying amusement rides from overseas,

How much can you REALISTICALLY expect to know if your order is carefully produced?

The ugly truth is:

Many factories DON’T test their products before delivery.

But we will NOT let that happen to you. Not on our watch.

Sinorides is here to give you the RIGHT guidance with many customer cases for your reference.

You can see our projects here

Have a question? Great! Our quick-response customer support is here for you.

Why Sinorides?


Over 20+ Patents on Amusement Park


Exported 200+ Countries Worldwide


27+ Years Amusement Rides Manufacturing

Your Benefits from Sinorides

Avoid-being Cheated Guide.
Free Extended Warranty
Tailored Design

About Sinorides

Sinorides is the brand name of Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1992, it has been a professional amusement rides manufacturer and now has 1000+ amusement rides for sale to support your park business.

The range of Sinorides amusement rides includes

Contact us at contact@sinorides.com to boom your park business now!

Our Team

Chairman Mike
Mike is the Chairman of Sinorides and has been in Amusement rides industry for over 20 years. Business or no Business, Mike is always here for you.
Manager Tony
Tony is the sales manager of Sinorides and he is good at sales, marketing. With 50+ countries clients, Tony could be your best consult for any amusement park business.
Chief Engineer
Mr.Zhu is the Chief Engineer of Sinorides and he is specialized in mechanical engineering, Hydraulic transmission and amusement rides innovation.
Production Manager
Mr. Pan is the production manager of Sinorides and he has abundant experience on production and maintainence of amusement rides.

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