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How Sinorides Make Oman Theme Park Design for Client

See How Sinorides Design and Install Amusement Rides for Oman Client

and Hit a Huge Impact on Business

Country: Oman

Park Size: 26,000 sqm

Total Investment: $280,000


Park Manager

“ We work with Sinorides for our park design and installation. Within 3 months all our park rides had been installed and running.

If you’ve been frustrated by other park rides issues, I cant recommend Sinorides enough.


Buying and Installing the amusement rides for the land, get investment back fast.


Struggled with getting suitable park design and rides to fit for their land. They tried to design by themselves, in the end, they lost the way.


Saved $80,000 in installation and reduced their cost per visitor by 32.6% in the first three months! Not bad for a new park.

See How Sinorides Make Oman Theme Park Design and Install Amusement Rides for Client

The Oman client has got the land, they plan to install new park rides, but they lost way to design the park layout with suitable amusement rides.

quotationWe tried to design the park by ourselves, we even looked up tutorials online, but we lost.”— Ahmed

I think you’ll agree with us when we say:

It is hard to choose suitable amusement rides for theme park.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase your efficiency of choosing park rides by applying suitable ways.

And in this case study we’re going to show you where to buy amusement rides and how you can easily pick one reliable manufacturer to fit your park business.

Let’s dive in.


Since Oman locates in West Asia, where the weather is hot.

Most theme park neglect the impact of weather to the lubricating oil of amusement rides.

In this case, the rides will not function well due to the high temperature.

What is worse:

Visitors might leave your park unhappily as they can’t play it.

Sinorides recommend the amusement rides with special lubricating oil based on Oman local climate to avoid any technical failure.

Also, Suitable park design was tailored to meet the age group from the local visitors.


As you must know your local climate and visitors features before the park design.

Here is how Sinorides work with Ahmed:

1# Actually our design depart has provided three different park layouts to Ahmed.

2# Manufacturing begins after the confirm of park design and rides selection.

3# Technical staff has been sent to install the park rides by Sinorides.

4# Sinorides made a training for their operators on how to operate the park rides.

“Thanks to Sinorides, we finished the park building in fastest time and win a lot of visitors!”

The best part?

Sinorides provided one stop solution with in-depth experience to help this client avoid suffering possible technical problems.

Now let us give you the bonus of how to choose reliable amusement rides manufacturer.

Keep reading.

How to Choose Reliable Amusement Rides Manufacturer

The truth is:

You need to do proper research to get the best deals.

Here is the practical tips:

1. Search for Companies that Choose Right Materials

Remember, it is the raw materials that determine the cost of amusement park rides.

In fact, companies that use raw materials at a cheaper price will sell their amusement rides at a relatively affordable price.

2. Search for Companies that Invest in R&D


Manufacturing Amusement Rides require a lot of R&D.

It is through R&D that the company will decide whether to use bearings from Japan, sensors from Japan or PLC from Germany.

3. Search for Companies with QC Team

The main aim of a professional QC team is to ensure the machines are up to par with standards.

Furthermore, the QC team is also knowledgeable about the amusement rides, industry and consumer expectations.

4. Search for Companies that Provides One-stop-solution

Here is the deal:

Some of the reasons why we insist on a company that provides a one-stop-solution for all amusement rides include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Centralized technical support
  • Possibility of discounts for bulk purchases
  • Consistency in quality
  • Reducing incompatibility issues

Apart from these tips, you need to ask as many questions as possible to seek all the necessary clarifications.

It’s through this that you’ll find a reliable and trusted amusement rides manufacturer in China.

Have a question? Great! Our quick-response customer support is here for you.

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