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How Sinorides Theme Park Design Helps Fun Valley Generated Millions Revenues

With tailored Sinorides theme park design and amusement rides,

Fun Valley created minions in yearly revenue for their park business.

Country: Myanmar

Park Size: 3000 sqm

Total Investment: 6 Million


Operation Manager
of Fun Valley

“ With Sinorides theme park design, we made a tactical shift away from using unsuitable park rides arrangement and utilized Sinorides products to double our revenues.”


By offering amusement rides exchange for ticket sales, Myanmar Fun Valley wanted to attract visitors and convert them into multi-channel sales


Because Fun Valley has no idea on how to open theme perk. business model was key. That meant they couldn’t get people to generate revenues — they needed park design.


Generated a million revenue, using Sinorides park design and thrill 8 family odes.

See How Fun Valley used Sinorides Theme Park Design to Generated Millions in Revenue

Want to open a theme park?

Then you might think it’s IMPORTANT to install amusement rides that people will like to play.

Actually, that’s not the case.

All you need to do is design park around your local conditions.

  We’re getting 200% sales increase per month as a result of using Sinorides Amusement Rides.” —Reung

Today We’re going to show you how Fun Valley operate their park business from scratch to $100,000 per month.

Let’s dive right in.

About Fun Valley

Fun Valley is one of the largest theme park in Myanmar.

fun valley Myanmar

In fact, the All-in-one amusement park service from Sinorides has helped fun valley attract at least 20,000 visitors per month.

Sinorides fun valley park project

And now it’s time to show you exactly how We did it, step-by-step.

Step #1: Confirm Park Space


Park Space is first step of any successful theme park business.

You need to get a reliable info about the space of the theme park.

Or you could let the manufacturer or park design service company take measurement for it.

For Fun Valley, their space is 3000 square meter.

That is a good space size for middle theme park.

Step #2: Research Demographic

Here is the truth:

Demographic research decides which type of amusement rides your park need to install.

In this case, fun valley finally finds that most of the potential visitors around the park is FAMILY.

That means Fun Valley should not only install large thrill rides.

Instead, family rides with slight thrilling feature park rides would be the best fit.

Step #3: Theme Park Design

Sinorides fun valley park design

Now that you have finished space and demographic research, it’s time to design park optimized around those terms.

The question is:

How do you design theme park that’s primed to attract visitors?

Keep reading…

The question is:

Work With Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Back in the park business beginning day, a park with simple carousel rides worked really well.

Not anymore.

In fact, one industry study found that theme park with tailored design clearly get more visitors and revenues.

To be clear:

We’re not saying that you should not install carousel rides for your park.

Instead, your goal is to cover the entire items on one park.

(And it usually requires a lot of park rides to do that)

You might be wondering:

  • Why work with the manufacturer?
  • Is it better to find a design company?

The reason is:

When you need a standard or tailored amusement rides, your budget matters a lot.

In this way, you could save a lot of budget.

That is, from design work, measurement on site, fabrications to the actual installation of amusement rides.

Take Fun Valley for example.

Sinorides recommend family rides such as snail attacking, pirate ship and spiral jet, etc to meet the local visitor’s need.

Also, our technical depart make the 2D & 3D drawing to make it more visiable for the model of Fun Valley park.

Step #4: Training

There’s no doubt about it:

The park rides operator is IMPORTRANT for park business.

Especially when it comes to ensuring visitor safety and avoiding accidents.

Mike, Chairman of Sinorides made the training for operators and staff of Fun Valley before their park opening.

What’s more:

Mike provides some practical tips to Fun Valley according to the performance of their staff to ensure our customer staff can operate our amusement rides very well.

Sinorides Mike train fun valley park rides operator

“We have worked with Sinorides for our theme park business, their products and service are both much more than expected.

What is more, I am very impressed by Mike, he is really professional and helpful, who helps save me a lot of time on training and management.”

—John, Manager of Fun Valley

Have a question? Great! Our quick-response customer support is here for you.

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