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Sinorides Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides has 27+ years of experience designing and manufacturing Roller Coaster For Sale.

Sinorides provide variouse types such as family roller coaster for sale, wild mouse roller coaster for sale, rings roller coaster for sale, suspended roller coaster for sale and backyard roller coaster for sale, etc.

Through close cooperation with customers, we design the Roller Coaster from both user experience and mechanical manufacturing so that the operation has been optimized and humanized.

Sinorides provide installation, maintain and spare parts for our Roller Coaster For Sale.

Why Sinorides Roller Coaster For Sale?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

How Sinorides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

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Roller Coaster Laser Cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Amusement Rides For Sale Fire Cutting

Roller Coaster Fire Cutting

Various shapes fire cutting machine, fast and high accuracy.

Roller Coaster Derusting

Roller Coaster Derusting

dust-free workshop, ensure smooth appearance of roller coaster for sale

Amusement Rides For Sale Welding

Roller Coaster Welding

10+ welding experience workers, high accuracy, no deformation.

Roller Coaster Polyurethane wheels

Roller Coaster Wheels

Polyurethane Wheels ensure noise free running for roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Mechanical shoulder

Roller Coaster Shoulder

Optimized Mechanical shoulder guarantee safety.

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Roller Coaster Supplier in The Market

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We will show you the easy-to-use steps for the installation of large amusement rides.

Detailed Introduction of Sinorides Roller Coaster For Sale

So in the following, we will have a brief introduction of different types of roller coasters.

First one is the family roller coaster.

Family roller coaster:

It’s a kind of coaster that suitable for small kids by providing moderate thrilling experience.

Sinorides Family Roller Coaster For Sale

China Sinorides Family Roller Coaster For Sale

The family roller coaster is also called the parent-child roller coaster.

The family roller coaster consists of rails and columns, drive system, brake system, pneumatic system, control system, train and other parts.

The family roller coaster has a total of 1 train, 2 seats / cabin, can take 16 passengers, because friends and family can experience together, it adds interactive fun.

When the family roller coaster is working, the chain lifts the train to the highest point of the orbit and releases it.

Then the train coasts along the track by its own weight.

The roller coaster works with precisely designed tracks, making the operation smoother and faster.

The family roller coaster runs to the braking zone and is stopped by the brake device after 35s. Using the Polyurethane wheels, the working noise can be greatly decreased.

The Sinorides family roller coaster for sale have passed CE, ISO certification and meet EN13814 standard.

We select international brands accessories and good raw material for spare parts to support the quality of our roller coaster.

The rated voltage of Sinorides family roller coaster is 380V , while the power varies to suitable for different kinds of sizes and to achieve different requirements from different customers.

Sinorides family roller coaster is suitable for a wide range of attractions, such as amusement parks, carnivals, theme resorts, etc.


Sinorides Over-lapping Roller Coaster For Sale

China Sinorides Over-lapping Roller Coaster For Sale

Here we have Sinorides Over-lapping Roller Coaster.

It is kind of roller coasters with over-lapping tracks.

The over-lapping roller coaster is first lifted to the highest point along the track, then the vehicles run down with inertia.

After a large vertical sprint and a vertical ring and a number of inclined Horizontal Ring, it returns smoothly to the station platform and completes the entire operation.

To guarantee the safety issue, the Sinorides over-lapping roller coaster also has an anti-reverse teeth prevent the vehicle car body from slipping.

Compared to other types of roller coasters, Sinorides over-lapping roller coaster requires less space, have lighter weight and also is much safer.


Sinorides Suspended Roller Coaster For Sale

Suspended roller coaster is mainly composed of sliding guide rails, pillars, trains, lifting systems, propulsion systems, braking systems, platforms and electrical systems.

Let’s break down each of the above elements.

Sliding Guide Rails

Sliding Guide Rails of roller coaster

Sliding Guide Rails are also called orbits or tracks.

The orbits include high-speed subduction and sliding sections, high-altitude overturning vertical ring sections, and spiral propulsion sections.

The track consists of a pair of main steel pipes, which are welded to the main support structure by means of attachments made of square pipes.

The main support structure is then connected to the column or the gantry through a flange.


Pillars of roller coaster

The pillars are made of steel structure, and the structure varies according to the direction of the track.

Some pillars support the track and some lift the track: some pillars are gantry and some are herringbone.

Train of Suspended Roller Coaster For Sale

The train consists of 10 cars, each train can hold two passengers side by side and can hold 20 passengers at a time.

Passengers sit on a lifted chair, the top of which is connected to the wheel bridge.

Sinorides Spinning Roller Coaster For Sale

Buy Sinorides Spinning Roller Coaster For Sale

The feature of the spinning roller coaster is that the seats of each car could run independently on the track and generate different rotational movements during the entire running process.

Spinning roller coaster could enrich the movement of the seats during the process, making people feel different.

The spinning roller coaster for sale is mainly composed of cars, driving system (lifting device), braking system, track, platform, foundation, and electrical control system.

The chain hoisting mechanism is mainly used for the spinning roller coaster, and the rotatable part of the car body rotates due to centrifugal force during operation.

The track is made of seamless steel pipes, the brakes are pneumatically controlled, and the vehicles are controlled by a limited distance collision avoidance during operation.

Sinorides Ring Series Roller Coaster For Sale

The Rings series roller coaster is a roller coaster that slides on an elevated track.

The most attractive feature of Rings series roller coaster is:

The roller coaster run through the vertical, spiral and horizontal rings.

Sinorides 4 Rings Roller Coaster For Sale

The 4 rings roller coaster features in running through two vertical rings and two horizontal rings.

Visitors can experience the thrills and excitement of spinning around, speeding and getting close to weightlessness.

The 4 ring roller coaster for sale is mainly composed of column, track, train, traction system, braking system and electrical control system.

Sinorides 5 Rings Roller Coaster For Sale

Quality Sinorides five rings roller coaster for sale

The 5 Rings roller coaster runs through two vertical rings, two spiral rings and one horizontal rings during its movement.

Visitors sit in the seat of it, and the seat is first lifted to the highest point along the track, then the seat run down with inertia.


Sinorides Flying 6 Rings Roller Coaster For Sale

Flying 6 Rings Roller Coaster run through two vertical rings, two spiral rings and two horizontal rings.

The traction system provides power when the train is lifted,

When the train reaches the top, it detaches from the drive and glides with the potential energy of the train.

Sinorides Wild Mouse Roller Coaster For Sale

buy Sinorides Wild Mouse Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides provides Wild Mouse Roller Coaster for sale by using an accurate control system to increase the interactivity and amusement of your park.

There is a shock absorber at the front and rear of the cockpit, and there are buffer bars and springs on the front.

When the vehicle hits other vehicles, it acts as a buffer by the spring. This can greatly reduce the damage caused by the collision to the passengers.


Why Do You Need a Roller Coaster?

Roller coasters play an important role in entertainment parks.

It is even a symbolic meaning for theme park.

Now, this is why you should buy a roller coaster:

1. Make Your Park Stand Out


Everybody and their brother has a carousel rides, trackless train, etc, and they are all shouting for attention 24 hours a day.

How do you stand out? How do you rise above the noise?

A big part of it is Differentiation.

Roller Coaster Make Your Park Stand Out

Not only do you have an easier time attracting visitors, but medias, employers, and potential clients all pay more attention to you.

2. Helps to Improve Your Park Business Quickly

A park equipped with large thrill rides is more popular than average parks.

When your park has been crowded with visitors coming to play the roller coaster, it can be easy to get more revenues.

Roller Coaster Improve Your Park Business

It is at this point that you need to buy the roller coasters.

3. You’ll Save Unnecessary Budget

You might be wondering:

How can I save budget with roller coaster, such a large thrill rides?

Here is the truth:

With a roller coaster, you can avoid spending extra budget and time on seeking other unsuitable park rides to attract visitors.

Now we don’t mean you should not install other park rides.

Actually, one roller coaster could bring you at least 5 times revenues than others.

This is because most of park visitors want to seek thrilling experience after to reduce pressure from the daily life and roller coaster will relieve the pressure faster.

4. Helps to Keep Your Park Popular

Roller Coaster Keep Your Park Popular

Investigation shows that theme park with roller coaster could rank on the top 3 local parks easily.

Experts vote a park will consider if there is any amusement rides that are extremely thrilling to attract people.

5. Ensures that your park is always attractive

In entertainment industry, roller coasters increase the attractiveness of the park.


A roller coaster is a must-have item if you care about the business of your park.

But, you can only achieve this by choosing the right roller coaster.

Now, what are the best types of roller coaster for you?

And, by the way, most famous theme parks in Tripadvisor equip with a roller coaster as standard equipment.

If your park doesn’t have a roller coaster, just install a suitable one.

Cost of Roller Coaster – Learn How to Get Best Market Prices

Cost plays an important role when it comes to you purchasing a roller coaster.

On average, you will find most roller coasters prices at $80,000 to about $700,000.

However, some roller coasters cost more than $70,000.

It will depend on all the factors that we will discuss below.

These may include:

i. Manufacturer

ii. Material

iii. Style

iv. Design

As such, you need to understand the factors that contribute to the cost of your roller coaster.

Let us break these factors for you.

1) Roller Coaster Manufacturer

There are thousand roller coaster manufacturers in the world, usually, big roller coaster manufacturer price is higher than small roller coaster manufacturer.

Because the big roller coaster manufacturers have more staff, larger premises, more convoluted procedures all of which have to be costed into the price of the roller coaster they are manufacturing.

With many roller coaster manufacturers with the different market approach, this might affect the price cost of the roller coaster.

2) The Quality of the Material

The material of a roller coaster affects the cost.

An effective material needs to be reliable and durable which in turn will make the roller coaster safe and to be expensive.

Also, the availability and supply of these materials affect the end price value, cheap and readily available material makes the cost production lower hence low pricing.

3)Style of Roller Coaster For Sale

The style of your roller coaster will determine the cost you will pay for it.

For example, backyard roller coaster is cheaper than over-lapping type roller coaster.

The reasons?

Over-lapping roller coaster requires more tracks and components, which need more materials and cost to produce it.

4). Design of Roller Coaster For Sale

Generally, tailored types are costly when it comes to customizing it which affects the overall cost of the roller coaster.

The reason for this is that a tailored roller coaster will consume a lot of mold design and materials.

Thus, it increases the price of the final roller coaster when you compare with having a normal type.

So, whenever you’re seeking for a roller coaster, it is important to focus on your specific needs.

More importantly, you should consult an expert who will guide you on how to buy roller coaster.

FAQs on Roller Coasters For Sale

For now, you might have some questions on roller coasters.

In this section, I will address some of these concerns.

1. How Long Can it Take to Install Roller Coaster?

When you hire a professional amusement park builder, this process should take about 30 days for complete installation.

However, for small privated business, amusement rides installation you may take 50 to 70 days.

Alternatively, you can hire a local contractor or ask the roller coaster manufacturer for assistance.

If you have to hire a local contractor, you must verify his qualifications and confirm whether he is registered with the concerned authorities.

2. Do I Need Any Technical Expertise to Install And Operate Roller Coaster?

No, you don’t have to be an expert.

You can find technique guy or let roller coaster manufacturer do this.

3. Should I Demand for a Roller Coaster Warranty?

Yes, you should.

Don’t buy a roller coaster without a warranty.

In case of any malfunction of roller coaster, a warranty can bail you out.

4. Where Can I buy a Roller Coaster?

You can buy your roller coaster from Sinorides.

We have quality, reliable and safe roller coaster.

So far, we are the leading amusement rides manufacturer from China.

We have a good reputation online and you can see this from our customer projects for amusement parks.

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