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Zipline Roller Coaster

Length: 100-500m

Capacity: 60-120p/h

Driving Speed: ≤50km/h


Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster


Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster is designed with strong track and reliable trolley to run smoothly.

Sinorides is reliable amusement rides manufacturer, we produce quality roller coaster for sale to support your theme park business.

Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster includes starting and ending platforms and pulley shrinkage system connecting the two platforms.

The Shrinking system can be controlled completely by wireless remote control.

Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster is CE certified, we also can do other testing certification if you need.

Sinorides provide global shipping and install for customers to help them running entertainment business.


Why Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

                 Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster details  Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster detail  Zipline Roller Coaster details from Sinorides

Zipline Roller Coaster

  • Length: 100-500m

  • Capacity: 60-120p/h

  • Driving Speed: ≤50km/h


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Detail Introduction of Sinorides Zipline Roller Coaster

Zipline Roller Coaster Brief Introduction

Zipline roller coaster is a modern trapeze amusement rides with comprehensive challenges, excitement and entertainment.

Zipline Roller Coaster Manuacturer and Supplier Video

Sinorides Zipline roller coaster adopts self-weight power traction technology,

Sinorides Zipline roller coaster uses steel profiles arranged at a certain inclination angle as the track, and uses the gravity of the tourists as the power to quickly slide on the track.

The whole facility has no other power, low carbon, environmental protection, stimulation and safety.

It takes you to experience volley fit, surprise, and strange air bones.

It not only brings you excitement and pleasant interactive travel experience, but also creates you A good opportunity to challenge yourself, resolve stress, overcome fear, and build confidence.

Sinorides Zipline roller coaster is strictly in accordance with “Safety Regulations for Large Amusement Rides” (GB8408-2018) and other relevant countries Regulations and standards stipulate the design, manufacture and installation, with high safety.

Why You Need Zipline Roller Coaster


Zipline Roller Coaster is energy saving.

Unlike other amusement rides, Zipline Roller Coaster could run without electricity or any power energy.

This can save lots of money and operation staff for you.

It is interesting:

People can play the Zipline Roller Coaster in all seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Also, Zipline Roller Coaster can be operated under the wind, rain, fog and snow climate.

You can also run it in night.

Zipline Roller Coaster Applications

Here is the truth:

Zipline Roller Coaster glides in the jungle at high speed using a track built in the air in combination with a tackle.

Generally, you can install Zipline Roller Coaster indoor and outside.

This means:

Zipline Roller Coaster can be applied in many places such as:

  • Jungle
  • Attractions
  • Indoor Parks
  • Mall
  • Outdoor Place

In some scenic spots, Zipline Roller Coaster is often a must-have item for tourists.

Parts and Components of Zipline Roller Coaster


The main Parts and Components of Zipline Roller Coaster is:

  • Track
  • Pulley
  • Platform
  • Brake

Let us break down them for you.

Track of Zipline Roller Coaster

Track of Zipline Roller Coaster

Track is one of the parts of Zipline Coaster.

People hang on the track to finish the gliding.

Pulley of Zipline Roller Coaster

Pulley of Zipline Roller Coaster

Here is the truth:

Pulley is used by people to hang on the track of zipline coaster.

The quality of pulley is important to keep people safe.

You need to use the reliable pulley when riding the zipline.

Platform of Zipline Roller Coaster

Platform of Zipline Roller Coaster

Platform is convenient for people to stand when stop or start to ride zipline roller coaster.

Brake of Zipline Roller Coaster

Brake is quite important to stop the running of zipline.

Without brake, people can’t stop and it ensures safety.

Working Principle of Zipline Roller Coaster


The working principle of Zipline Roller Coaster is simple.

It uses the steel profiles arranged at the corresponding inclination angle as the track.

And combines the self-weight power traction with the weight of the tourists themselves as the power.

It applies the height difference of the track device to slide on the zip line.

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