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Sinorides Ferris Wheel For Sale

Sinorides is a premier amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Sinorides can provide 100+ styles of ferris wheel for sale to choose such as 30m Ferris Wheel For Sale, 42m Ferris Wheel For Sale, 65m Ferris Wheel For Sale, small ferris wheel for sale, backyard ferris wheel for sale, large ferris wheel for sale.

Sinorides provides One-stop solution of ferris wheel for sale from produce, deliver, install and maintain & spare parts.

Exported to 100+ countries, Sinorides is able to support you with customized design.

All of Sinorides ferris wheel for sale has got CE certification, we can also make your local market requirement certification if you need.

Just contact us now to start your park business!


Why Sinorides Ferris Wheel For Sale?



  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Full Certification and Testing Report

How Sinorides Ferris Wheel For Sale Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

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Ferris Wheel For Sale Rotary Table Cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

ferris wheel trailer chassis

Ferris Wheel For Sale Trailer Chassis

Smooth surface appearance, coated with a rust-in-hibiting primer.

ferris wheel gondola

Ferris Wheel For Sale Cabinet

Quality steel structure, air conditioning available with tailored appearance design

bending machine

Ferris Wheel For Sale Steel Bending

Multi-size bending machine, precise angle.

Amusement Rides For Sale Welding

Ferris Wheel For Sale Welding

10+ welding experience workers, high accuracy, no deformation.


Ferris Wheel Seats For Sale Painting

Environmental gel coat, smooth surface without defects.

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in The Market

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Sinorides Provides Ferris Wheel For Sale To Improve Your Park Revenues

If you’re searching ferris wheel for sale, you need to know the market of ferris wheel.

China is the largest ferris wheel for sale market and many european brands make their production process in China.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose qualified ferris wheel.

Let’s dive in.

What is Ferris Wheel


The Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped amusement rides that composed by mechanical and electrical parts.

People can enjoy the surrounding scenery when sitting on the Ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel History

The earliest Ferris wheel was designed by the American George for the Columbus Memorial Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

The first Ferris wheel weighs 2,200 tons.

It can seat 2,160 people and is equal to a height of 26 floors.

The Vienna Ferris Wheel is a 19th century Ferris wheel that has survived to this day and is still in operation today.

It was erected at the Prater Playground in Leopold City  in Vienna, Austria in 1897.

With the development of technology, ferris wheel has been innovated.

Ferris wheel can be divided into three types:

  • Gravity Ferris Wheel
  • Non-spoke Ferris wheel
  • Observation Wheel

How Does Ferris Wheel Work?

Here is the deal:

The motor for the Ferris wheel is decelerated by a reducer.

The reducer convert high speed and low torque into high torque and low speed mechanical power.

It is transmitted to the roulette through a certain strength intermediate mechanism to make it rotate at a low speed.

Benefits of Ferris Wheel

Quick question:

Do you have ferris wheel on your park?

If not, you probably should.

Even if you think you’re in the wrong niche for amusement park, and even if you think you’re not ready.

Here’s why:

1. Your Park Reach a Brand-New, Highly Engaged Visitor


Through carousel rides, you can spread your park to kids visitor. But through ferris wheel, you can put your park in front of a new visitor that your park might never reach.

While there are some people who ride carousel and ferris wheel on a regular basis, many people do just one or the other.

Below image show that visitors attendance sharply increased at all of Universal’s theme parks.

Attendance sharply increased at all of Universal's theme parks

People aren’t quick to leave off a park once they start playing, and they can play different rides in the ferris wheel park, like train rides, plane rides or just sitting in the park. It’s an ideal place for family get-together.

As living standards improve, reservation and entertainment are becoming the most important part of people’s life.

During the summer, people go to the park to play or have fun, the Ferris wheel protects them from the intense sun rays, so they don’t feel so hot.

Also, it protects people from the heavy rain.

During a family gathering on the park, Ferris wheel bring more fun to them.

The ferris wheel can be equipped with air conditioning and music to let people enjoy the time.

2. You Build Connections Your Competitors Will Envy

When you run a ferris wheel, you can invite influencers as guests to play it.

Actually many influencers like to share their fresh news to their audiences.

More influencers share your ferris wheel, more possible visitors to your park.

It’s an excellent way to build connections and promote your park.

And when you spend time growing the relationship with the influencers, you can build a powerful network of people who can help you improve your park business.

3. Your Park Get More Views on TripAdvisor


Park owners have long been on the hunt for ways to drive visitors to their parks through TripAdvisor.


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel platform, it helps nearly 460 million travelers each month.

Global travelers turn to TripAdvisor to browse and book hotels, parks and attractions.

The good news is that ferris wheel can help you with that.

Whenever people publish a new review of your ferris wheel, tripadvisor will update the written content on their website, which is indexable by search engines.

Relevant and new ferris wheel review is smart way to improve exposure chance to your park that might rank for your local theme park and drive more potential visitors.

Sinorides: Your Best Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Do you want to buy ferris wheel?

If so, you are in the right page.

Sinorides is reliable ferris wheel manufacturer in China.

We have exported to 200+ parks worldwide.

It is wise to let us be your partner of the ferris wheel in your park.

Introduction of Sinorides Ferris Wheel For Sale

Let’s have a introduction of Sinorides Ferris Wheel For Sale.

First one is the 25m Ferris Wheel For Sale.

It’s a kind of ferris wheel that suitable for small kids and small park.

Sinorides 25m Ferris Wheel For Sale

China 25m Ferris Wheel for sale by Sinorides

The 25m Ferris Wheel mainly consists of column, turntables, gondolas, drive system and electrical control system.

25m Ferris Wheel is equipped with 64 seats and the Required Area is 23.8m×9.5m.

The height dimension is 25m with 15 kW power, it is energy saving for small parks.

Sinorides 30m Ferris Wheel For Sale

30m Ferris Wheel for sale by Sinorides

Similar to 25m ferris wheel, Sinorides 30m Ferris Wheel For Sale is suitable for small & middle theme park.

With update control system, the driving power is 6kW and can hold 72 seats.

Sinorides 42m Ferris Wheel For Sale

42m Ferris Wheel for sale by Sinorides

42M Ferris wheel produced by Sinorides has a light structure, and it is easy to install and dismantle.

It is mainly composed of column, turntables, gondolas, drive system and electrical control system.

Sinorides 42M Ferris Wheel For Sale can bear 96 person with 25kW driving power.


Sinorides 65m Ferris Wheel For Sale

65m Ferris Wheel

Sinorides 65m Ferris Wheel guarantees 100% recreational enjoyment.

Air conditioning is available and make visitors comfortable both on summer and winter.

We customize running speed according to your park purpose with international brand accessories.

Sinorides 72m Ferris Wheel For Sale

72m ferris wheel for sale from Sinorides

Sinorides offers both standard and customized 72m Ferris Wheel based on customer’s park need.

More and more visitors, from teenagers to adults, couples and families, turn ferris wheel to release pressure.

Not only can people enjoy the time, in addition, Sinorides 72m Ferris Wheel is 100% safe, benefiting both visitors and the environment.

Sinorides 88m Ferris Wheel For Sale

88m Ferris Wheel for sale from Sinorides

Sinorides 88m Ferris Wheel features in 88m height and 324 seats.

It can make your theme park stand out in your local market by its impressive appearance.

Sinorides 88m ferris wheel combines eco-friendly painting with fiberglass to reinforce plastic and Steel, durable and erosion-resisting.

Installation and maintenance can be executed by Sinorides so that you can save lot of time and budget.

Sinorides 120m Ferris Wheel For Sale

120m Ferris Wheel for sale from Sinorides

Sinorides 120m Ferris Wheel is a larger sightseeing car amusement rides.

Driving and electrical are the main core control systems for ferris wheel.

Sinorides 120m Ferris Wheel For Sale is easy to install and dismantle with optimized structure.

Apart from Ferris Wheel, Sinorides also can help you in park planning and operation.

Ferris Wheel For Sale Parts


If you want to know what is the ferris wheel parts, you’re in the right place.

In this section, we’ll explain the main parts and structure of ferris wheel.

Keep reading.

The Ferris wheel is primarily made up by the following parts.

  • Roulette Structure
  • Drive System
  • Support Structure
  • Gondola
  • Platform
  • Control Room

Let’s start from the roulette structure.

Roulette Structure of Ferris Wheel Parts

The roulette structure is a combination of rigidity and flexibility.

It gets interesting:

The rigid aspect of the structure allows the roulette to take a truss structure system.

The flexible aspect of the structure roulette to adopt a steel cable system.

The structural rigidity of the rigid structural system of the Ferris wheel is easily guaranteed and guaranteed.

Here’s the deal:

A lot of the modern Ferris wheels is made of steel cable system or a combination of cable and truss.

Drive System of Ferris Wheel Parts


The very first Ferris wheel to be designed was driven by electricity.

It gets better:

An advanced friction wheel drive which was driven by hydraulic was employed in the setup of the “London Eye” Ferris wheel in the UK.

Most of the Ferris wheels built in this period adopted the hydraulic driving system.

Here’s the catch:

The drive system of ferris wheel is also responsible for the speed reduction.

Support Structure of Ferris Wheel Parts

Here is the truth:

In the United States, the support structure of the Chicago car comprises two towers.

Each of this tower consists of four columns as well as diagonal braces.

Majority of the Ferris wheels that were built later in the future had similar support structure.


Some Ferris wheels also use newer support structure.

The main supporting structure of the “London Eye” in the United Kingdom is an inverted V-shaped tower consisting of two hinged bottom columns, which are set at the same time.

The cable pulls the Ferris wheel from one side to prevent it from tilting in one direction.

Ferris Wheel Gondola


Ferris Wheel Gondola is also called ferris wheel cabins.

It is mainly used to hold people in the ferris wheel and go up and down to complete the movement.

There are two types of ferris wheel cabins:

Fully enclosed and semi-enclosed.

Fully enclosed ferris wheel cabins

The fully enclosed cabin generally has a beer barrel shape and a drop shape.

Semi-enclosed ferris wheel cabins

Semi-enclosed gondola is generally used more on single-supported ferris wheel.

The main stressed structural parts of the gondola are made of steel.

The materials for the closed ferris wheel cabins are generally iron sheet, FRP, plexiglass, etc.

Ferris Wheel Platform

Platform is used for passengers to board on and off.

There are two construction methods of Ferris Wheel Platform: one is steel structure, the other is brick-concrete structure.

Ferris Wheel Control Room

The control room is mainly used to place the console of the equipment.

The console should have a wide view.


As it is convenient for the operator to observe the operating status of the Ferris Wheel in order to control the operation of the Ferris Wheel in time.

Ferris Wheel For Sale Safety Setting

Are you wondering if the ferris wheel is dangerous?

Actually ferris wheel is equipped with many safety device to ensure safety.

The safety devices of the ferris wheel is mainly include:

  • The secondary protection of the hanging shaft,
  • The two locking devices of the cabin door
  • The barriers of the cabin doors and windows

Since the head of the passenger cannot stick out of the window and the non-enclosed gondola of ferris wheel during operation.

Therefore, barriers must be installed to prevent passengers from colliding with the turnover structure during operation.

To sum up, ferris wheel is safe with these safety settings.

Ferris Wheel For Sale Specifications


There’re many types of ferris wheel in the market.

Here we list the main ferris wheel for sale specifications.

25m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

25m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 23.8m×9.5m

Number of Seats :64

Height Dimension :25m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :15Kw

30m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

30m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 18mx16m

Number of Seats :72

Height Dimension :30m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :6Kw

42m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

42m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 24.4mx20m

Number of Seats :96

Height Dimension :42m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :25Kw

49m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

49m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 35m×32m

Number of Seats :128

Height Dimension :50m

Rated Voltage :380V

Rated Power :25Kw

65m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

65m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 38m×32m

Number of Seats :216

Height Dimension :65m

Rated Voltage :380V

Rated Power :26.4Kw

72m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

72m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 48m×44m

Number of Seats :192

Height Dimension :72m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :16Kw

88m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

88m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 42m×36m

Number of Seats :324

Height Dimension :88m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :39.2Kw

120m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

120m Ferris Wheel For Sale Specification

Required Area: 52m×58m

Number of Seats :360

Height Dimension :120m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :55Kw

How Much is a Ferris Wheel


The price of ferris wheel on the internet ranges from $20,000 to $100,000,00.

But is it really?

Before answering the question, you need to know there are several factors deciding the cost of ferris wheel.

Let us break down it for you.

1. Raw material of ferris wheel

Here is the truth:

Good material refers to higher price.

Instead, cheap ferris wheel usually composed of low grade material.

If you see the price of one ferris wheel is very low, you should be careful about the quality of its material.

2. Ferris Wheel For Sale Design

Different Design requires different manufacturing process and installation method.

The more complex design, the more expensive of ferris wheel price.

So you need to know if the design of ferris wheel is complex or not.

3. Climate of your theme park


The climate and weather also impact the ferris wheel price.

For example:

If your park locates in the very cold area, you might use higer grade steel to produce your ferris wheel to bear the cold weather.

How to Buy Ferris Wheel from Sinorides

1. First you need to tell us which type of ferris wheel you want to buy. Or you could choose from our catalog.

2. It is better if you can confirm if you have parks or got approval to open park.

3. We will send you the best ferris wheel price with image by email and wait for your confirmation.

4. After your place the order, we will send the technical drawing with commercial contract to you.

5. We will start production after you pay the deposit and prepare to ship it to you.

FAQ of Ferris Wheel for Sale

Do you have questions when buying ferris wheel?

Don’t worry, we’ll list several most common questions from clients in this section.

1. Which certificates have you obtained on your ferris wheel for sale?

Sinorides is the perennial member of CAAPA and IAAPA.
CE, EN13814, BV, TUV, SC, GOST, SONCAP, SASO certificates have been acquired as references for clients from different countries.

2. How to install the ferris wheel?

Sinorides will send engineers to install the ferris wheel.

Clients are responsible for related costs (Visa,round-trip flight tickets,accommodation, Carfare, and Cost US$100/day/person) and appoint a Chinese translator with Sinorides’s engineers.

3. Could you help me about the visa if I want to visit your factory to see the ferris wheel for sale?

Welcome to visit SINORIDES, and yes we can help for your VISA.

Please send us your main pages of visitors passport, and coming date.

4. Do you build ferris wheel in our country?

We have succesful projects including park designs and ferris wheel for customers from many countries.

Please tell us where are you from so we can send you the projects in your market.

5. Do you have agent of ferris wheel for sale in our country?

Please contact with us and tell us where you come from, We will confirm if we have agent or not in your country.



Through this post, you have learned the benefits of ferris wheel.

You also know the factors that affect the price of ferris wheel.

We hope you could find the qualified ferris wheel manufacturer for your park business.

If you want to buy affordable ferris wheel that can run safely, you can contact Sinorides  at contact@sinorides.com for support.

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