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Sinorides Carousel Rides For Sale

Sinorides, as China reliable amusement rides manufacturer, produce many types of carousel rides for sale such as ocean carousel rides for sale, 24 seats carousel rides for sale, etc.

Sinorides is the pioneer of carousel rides for sale with both up and low transmission types alongside 100+ tailored styles.

The unique working principle of electrical motor finds a particular niche in carousel rides. We have developed some special appearance designs to attract more kids to your park.

Besides providing carousel rides for sale, Sinorides also can help you to start theme park business. Just contact us today to begin your business now!


Why Sinorides Carousel Rides For Sale?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

How Sinorides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

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Carousel Rides Laser Cutting

4000W high performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.

Amusement Rides For Sale Fire Cutting

Carousel Rides Fire Cutting

Various shapes fire cutting machine, fast and high accuracy.

Amusement Rides For Sale CNC Machine

Carousel Rides CNC Machine

Expert machine operator, consistent qualified standard on every Sinorides amusement rides.

Amusement Rides For Sale Welding

Carousel Rides Welding

10+ welding experience workers, high accuracy, no deformation.

Amusement Rides For Sale Polishing

Carousel Rides Polishing

Multi-Functioning polishing equipment, perfect overall appearance.


Carousel Rides Painting

Environmental gel coat, smooth surface without defects.

Sinorides Aims to Provide Best Carousel For Sale in The Market

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Carousel Rides For Sale: Complete Guide

Are you going to buy carousel rides from China?


There are thousands of carousel for sale in China market.

How do you know what to consider when buying a carousel ride?

This carousel rides for sale buying guide will let you know the benefits, parts, cost, types and FAQ about carousel rides.

Let’s dive in.

What is Carousel Rides

carousel rides for sale image

Carousel rides also called merry go round, it features in carousel horse seats appearance and not only can rotate around a vertical spindle but also make the up and down movement.

Carousel rides is one of the popular amusement rides that loved by kids with attractive appearance and slight swing experience.

People can relax themselves when riding on the carousel rides with beautiful music.

The first carousel rides in theme park was created in 1875 by Charles I. D. Looff.

Now the carousel rides has many types through the development of manufacturing technique in hundreds of years.

Carousel Rides History

carousel rides for sale history

The earliest recorded carousel appeared during the Byzantine Empire.

Later, Watt invented the steam engine, and the world has since been powered by the steam engine.

Carousel has also begun to be updated, using steam engines as the new operating power.

The first steam-powered carousel rides appeared in Europe in 1860.

Carousel For Sale Structure

The carousel rides structure is mainly composed of:

• Turntable of Carousel for Sale

It is made of steel and tread plate or section steel and wood.

The section steel is made into a fan-shaped frame


The sector frame forms a circle

A tread plate or a wooden board is installed

• Ceiling of Carousel for Sale

It is generally made of truss and shed cloth or fiberglass.

• Wooden Horse of Carousel for Sale

It is mainly used to bear people to sit.

• Carousel for Sale Driving Mechanism 

It consists of an electric motor and a reducer.

It mainly provides the power required for the operation of the amusement rides.

• Carousel for Sale Transmission Mechanism

It consists:

  • gears
  • crankshafts
  • bearings
  • shafts

Its functions to convert the power provided by the electric motor into the motion required by the rotating machine.

This ensures the complete rotation and up and down movement required by the carousel.

• Carousel for Sale Operation Consoles

Various buttons and indicators are distributed on the surface panel of the amusement rides.

This makes it convenient for the operator to control the operation of the ride.

Carousel Rides For Sale Parts

Here we list the main parts of carousel rides.

1. Carousel Rides for Sale Electric Motor

The electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

It is used to provide the power to carousel rides to move.

2. Carousel Rides for Sale Reducer

Reducer is often used as a reduction transmission device between the original moving part and the working machine.

It plays the role of matching speed and transmission torque to let the carousel rides slow down smoothly.

3. Carousel Rides for Sale Bearing

The main function of bearing is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement.

It is mainly applied to convert the power energy from the motor into the movement of carousel rides.

4. Carousel Rides for Sale Indicator Lights

The indicator lights is usually used to reflect the working status of the circuit and the carousel rides.

It is usually installed on the electrcial cabinet.

Carousel For Sale Working Principle


The carousel rides is mainly composed of mechanical system and electrical system.

Mechanical system working principle of Carousel for Sale

The electric motor drives the reducer, and then drives the transmission rod to make a rotary motion.

Electrical System Working Principle of Carousel for Sale

The power enters the electrical control box through the main power switch.

The automatic air switch on the control box panel is first turned on.

Then turn on the control power switch, the control circuit is energized and wait for the next operation.

Press the “bell button”, the circuit will ring for about 5 seconds.

Then press the spin button again, the circuit will enter the timing running state.

The rotating motor will be energized and drive the carousel rides to rotate.

The 220v alternating current is sent to the decorative circuit of the lantern through the conductive ring.

The decorative circuit of the lantern produces the flickering effect of the lantern in different patterns.

Carousel For Sale Classification

Carousel for Sale Classification Based On The Size

Small Carousel For Sale

Small Carousel For Sale

Small carousel rides usually refers to the carousel rides that is designed with less than 6 seats.

It is suitable for small space such as carnival midways, small parks, etc.

Mini Carousel Ride for Sale

Mini carousel ride for sale is much smaller than the small carousel rides.

It is mainly used in the commercial exhibition, party event.

The Mini carousel ride features in smaller size, easy to carry and install.

Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double decker carousel for sale features in double layer for the people to ride on the carousel horse.

It can hold twice amount of people compared with other traditional carousel rides.

Double decker carousel rides is suitable for park owners who has large space and enough budget.

Carousel For Sale Classification Based On The Theme

Carnival Carousel for Sale

Carnival Carousel for Sale

Carnival Carousel Rides for Sale is mainly used in the carnival places such as midway, carnivals, etc.

It has novel design, unique mechanism and beautiful appearance which is appeal to kids.

Amusement Park Carousel for Sale

Amusement park carousel for sale is seen in the amusement parks.

It is applied in the fixed section in the park to attract visitors to play.

Fairground Carousel for Sale

Fairground Carousel for Sale is widely applied in the funfair sites like fairground place.

Fairground Carousel is featured in european style appearance and suitable to european parks.

Carousel For Sale Classification Based On The Places

Indoor carousel for sale

Indoor carousel for sale is used in the indoor veneus such as indoor park, shopping mall, etc.

It is usually installed in the indoor space where the amount of people traffic is large.

People can easily find and play it without going outside.

Outdoor carousel for sale

Outdoor carousel for sale is contrary to the indoor carouel rides.

It is operated in the outside environment.

Summer and Autumn is the best time to play the outdoor carousel rides.

While it need to suspended during the winter season.

Carousel For Sale Classification Based On The Users

Kids carousel for sale

Kids carousel for sale

Kids carousel for sale is maily designed for the kids that under 7 years old.

It is equipped with attractive painting and stylish carousel horse that is loved among children.

Environmental friendly painting is necessary to protect kids away from potential health danger.

Children’s carousel for sale

Children’s carousel for sale is similar to the kids carousel rides.

It also fabricated with high grade FRP material and eco-friendly parts.

Carousel Rides For Sale Specifications

Here we introduce the main technical specifications of carousel rides for sale.

Small Carousel Rides For Sale Specifications

Required Area: 7m×7m

Number of Seats :14

Height Dimension :3.5m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :5Kw

16 Seats Carousel Rides For Sale Specifications

Required Area: 7m×7m

Number of Seats :16

Height Dimension :6m

Rated Voltage :380V

Driving Power :3Kw

Carousel Rides For Sale Cost

Here is the deal:

Most park owners wonder how much does the carousel for sale cost.

Actually there are many factors impacting the final price of carousel rides.

Here we explain the main factors to you.

Carousel Rides For Sale Design


There’re hundreds of carousel rides for sale with different design, not every type has the same price.

So how do you choose the carousel rides?

Generally, the more complex design will cost more money.


As complex design will be achieved by more components and materials in the production.

And you have to pay extra cost on it.

Carousel Rides For Sale Components Quality

Here is the truth:

The carousel rides is made of variouse parts.

The quality of spare parts decide the performance of carousel rides.

You should check if the amusement rides manufacturer use the brands of components to produce the carousel rides.

It is easy to understand:

A carousel rides with superior components will cost more than the ordinary one.

Carousel Rides For Sale Installation

Let’s face it:

In most cases, carousel rides need to be installed before running.

The installation cost is also part of your budget on buying carousel rides.

You should discuss with the manufacturer about the installation and maintain cost for the carousel rides.

This can ensure you don’t need to spend time and money on finding other people to do the installation work.


Carousel Rides For Sale Maintenance

1. The fasteners of the carousel rides should be checked frequently.

The loose parts should be repaired and tightened in time to avoid accidental damage.

2. The body and FRP parts should be cleaned frequently.

When wiping with dirt, use a soft cloth, damp cloth or add a small amount of detergent to clean.

3. Mechanical parts such as bearings or positions with relative movement should be checked frequently for lubrication.

In addition to the regular grease filling of the bearings, the remaining parts are greased once a week.

4. The repair and maintenance of electrical parts, such as control cabinets, connecting wires, conductive hoops, carbon brushes, lighting control boxes and transformers, should be checked frequently.

If the cable is loose or the parts are in poor contact, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

Carousel Rides For Sale Safety Measures

Carousel Rides Operator’s Guide

  • Strictly guard your post, and do not leave your post without authorization.
  • When the passengers are fully seated and no one is moving in the platform, and confirm that there are no obstacles in the venue, only then can the power supply be turned on and the carousel rides can be activated.
  • After starting, pay close attention to the dynamics of the carousel rides.
  • When someone is found standing or other special circumstances, stop immediately and cut off the power immediately.
  • Do not randomly move the circuit board in the control cabinet.
  • If a fault occurs, you should notify the professional to eliminate it.
  • When the operator leaves the control room, the power should be turned off.

Carousel Rides Administrator Guide

  • The carousel rides must have dedicated management personnel.
  • It is necessary to formulate an operation management system to ensure safe operation and publish relevant matters such as “Guidelines for Passengers”.
  • The supervisor must conduct regular inspections of the entire site as required and record the results.
  • The operator must be familiar with the control device and installation principle, performance, usage and operation method.
  • Operators must abide by the “Operators Guide”, problems arising during operation should be reported to the supervisor in a timely manner, relevant measures should be taken in time, and abnormalities should be reported during shifts.
  • When the weather is bad, the carousel rides breaks down, the power fails, or the above situation is likely to occur, the operator should take emergency measures and stop operation.

Carousel Rides Passenger Notice

  • At the entrance and exit of carousel rides, there should be eye-catching passenger notice signs.
  • The sign should contain the following notice:
  • Passengers should line up consciously, obey instructions, and take seats in order.
  • Frail, mentally and hysteria patients, heart disease patients, and drunk persons are not allowed to ride the carousel rides.
  • Children who are less than one meter tall must be accompanied by an adult to prevent accidents.
  • During the ride, passengers must fasten their seat belts, sit firmly and support them, and it is strictly forbidden to get up and stand or leave the seat without authorization.
  • Passengers should wait for the carousel rides to come to a complete stop before leaving their seats in turn.
  • In case of accidents, follow the instructions of the management personnel and strictly prohibit unauthorized actions.

Carousel Rides For Sale Daily Checklist


Safety is the No.1 issue for the carousel rides.

A safety inspection record system should be established.

Routine safety inspections before daily operations must be conscientious and responsible.

Here we list the Daily Checklist for the carousel rides.

Daily Routine General Items for Carousel Rides

  • Observe from the outside whether there is deformation, cracks, or breakage.
  • Whether the oil supply and oil filling of various bearings are good.
  • Whether the various switches are in the specified position.
  • Check if the movement of the running part is good.
  • Check if there is any abnormal smell and sound.
  • Check whether the screws of the connecting parts are well fixed and whether the pins are in the specified positions.

Daily Routine for Carousel Rides Seats

  • Check whether the cockpit frame is cracked, damaged or corroded.
  • Check whether the cockpit body is cracked, damaged or corroded.

Daily Routine for Carousel Rides Electric Motor

  • Check whether the anchor bolts are loose.
  • Check whether there is any abnormal sound.
  • Check if the steady rise is normal.
  • Check if carousel rides run well at full load.

Carousel Rides For Sale Basic Operating Requirements

Please Note:

The internal components of the inverter, motor and electric cabinet have high-voltage wiring terminals.

Do not touch them to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Never touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.

Before turning on the carousel rides, observe whether the passengers are within the safe range.

Extra passengers must stay outside the guardrail, otherwise there is a hidden danger of accidents.

The operator must confirm before using the button switch and make no mistake.

When the emergency stop button switch adopts manual reset, it can be reset by rotating 180 degrees clockwise.

When the carousel rides fails or is in a dangerous state, first press the emergency stop button, and then turn off the main power switch.

Before the fault is eliminated, power is not allowed and a warning sign should be hung up at the power supply.

When encountering unexpected weather such as storm, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, the main power switch should be turned off, and business is not allowed until the unexpected weather has passed.

FAQ of Carousel Rides For Sale

Do you have any questions on carousel rides for sale?

Here we list the most asked questions from our clients.

You can check it and get support from our techncial team here.

1. Can You do inspection of the carousel rides for sale?

Yes. The inspection can be done by you or the third party.

2. What can do we if the carousel rides break down?

Normally, we provide the rides one-year quality warranty.

If in the warranty period, we can provide you the spare parts freely, you only need to pay the logistics fee.

If exceed the warranty period, you should pay the money for spare parts and pay the logistics fee.

3. Which after-sale services can you provide for the carousel rides for sale?

  • Offer the documents and certificates needed to make clearance to clients.
  • Offer general drawing, foundation drawing,circuit diagram and operating manual with local language.
  • Arrange engineers to client’s site to guide installation.
    Training the operation team before park opening.
  • Offer 1 year warranty after the carousel rides arrived client’s site.
  • Arrange professional engineers team to client’s site to pay regular visit to the customers after half a year or 1 year after the opening according to client’s requirements.

4. Do you have some carousel for sale in stock?

Yes, we have some rides in stock, such as Backyard Roller Coaster, Energy Storm, Carousel Rides and so on.

5. Do you have carousel for sale agent in our country?

Please contact with us and tell us where you come from, We will confirm have agent or not in your country.

6. Are you trade company or manufacturer of carousel for sale?

Sinorides is IAAPA rated amusement rides manufacturer.

Our factory was established since 1992 and can offer best price with good quality. Welcome to visit SINORIDES!

7. Does the Voltage and Hertz of carousel rides for sale can be customized?

Yes, the Voltage and Hertz can be customized according to your country standard.

8. Can you visit our park site and give us some good advice on carousel rides?

Sure, we can visit your site at a right time.

BTW, we had visited our many foreign customers’ sites in the passed two years,such as Nepal, Algeria, Pakistan, Mexico and Vietnam, etc.

9. How to delivery carousel rides for sale? 

We have cooperated freight forwarder who can arrange the transportation to the destination port for you.

You can also arrange the delivery by yourself , we will fully cooperate.

10. How to install the carousel rides?

Sinorides provide installation photos or video to clients, also can dispatch engineers overseas to install the carousel rides.

Clients are responsible for related costs (Visa,round-trip flight tickets,accommodation, Carfare, and Cost US$100/day/person) and appoint a Chinese translator with Sinorides engineers.


All the above content helps you know more about carousel rides when you’re finding a qualified one.

You should consider the design, components and installation when buying the suitable carousel rides.

Sinorides is IAAPA rated carousel rides manufacturer with various carousel rides for sale to support your park business.

Whether you need standard or cutomized carousel rides, we can tailor according to your unqiue need.

With full testing certifications and global shipping & installation, Sinorides can be your reliable carousel rides manufacturer and supplier.

In case of any question on buying carousel rides, you can reach us here to get the prompt response.

Let Sinorides be your partner on carousel rides and start your park business today!

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