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48P Tea Cup Ride For Sale

36P Tea Cup Ride For Sale

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for Sale

Sinorides is leading amusement rides manufacturer from China and develop new Tea Cup Ride for Sale every year.

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for Sale can hold 36-48 person one time and this can increase your potential revenues with larger seats capacity.

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride mainly include 36P Tea Cup Ride For Sale and 48P Tea Cup Ride For Sale.

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride looks like a coffee cup and which can be rotated in three planes.

That is:

First is around its own central axis, second is to around the centre of the small turntable, and lastly, small turntable around the centre of the large turntable at once.

Visitors sitting in the tea cup ride enjoy the pleasurable experience of multiple rotations.

The teacup rides for sale has been applied with innovative features which mainly focused on energy-saving, more accurate process control, and higher safety.

Our experts will give professional advice for your individual application.


Why Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for Sale?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Tea Cup Ride Provider in The Market

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Detailed Introduction of Sinorides Tea Cup Ride For Sale

If you want to buy teacup ride from China, you’ve to know how to choose reliable teacup ride manufacturer in China.

This post will help you learn more about teacup ride cost and make the right choice when sourcing from China.

Keep Reading.

What’s Tea Cup Ride

Tea cup ride is called cup and saucer ride, it is an amusement ride that rotates around the central axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

Tea cup ride can bring more revenues for your park with the cup shape seats and safe running to attract the kids and teenagers.


Tea Cup Ride Components


The tea cup ride comprises several components and they will be briefly discussed as follows.

Bottom Support Seat of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

They are manufactured separately and are usually connected with high-strength bolts during installation.

Large Turntable and Support Frame of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

It’s composed of a steel frame structure, which is covered with an aluminium alloy tread plate and a large turntable centre.

Small Turntable and Support Frame of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

It’s made of a steel frame structure, which is fixed on the steel structure of the large turntable by the slewing bearing.

Rotating Power System of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

It has two sets; one is the rotating system of the big turntable while the other is the rotating system of the small turntable.

Platform and Control Room of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

The platform is totally made of angle iron and tread plate.

How does the teacup ride work

Here’s the working principle of tea cup ride:

The frequency converter controls the resident motor, the motor in turn drives the pinion to rotate, the pinion and the large gear mesh to drive the large gear to rotate.

The large gear is fixed with the big turntable through the slewing bearing, and the large turntable follows the large gear to rotate.

Tea Cup Ride Cost

Are you wondering how much does Tea Cup Ride Cost?


The cost of teacup ride is decided by several factors.

Tea Cup Ride Types

Here is the truth:

48P tea cup ride costs more than the 24p type.

You should be clear about what types of teacup ride you need.

This could help you save money and find the most suitable type.

Tea Cup Ride Manufacturer

Different tea cup ride manufacturer sell teacup ride at different price.

How do you choose?

Most people turn to famous European brand manufacturer when sourcing amusement rides.

This is the most reliable way if you have enough budget.

Otherwise, you need to consider importing tea cup ride from China.


China is the factory of world and many european brand assemble their products in China.

Tea Cup Ride For Sale Warranty


Tea cup ride needs install and maintain for theme parks.

If you want to save time and cost on maintian tea cup ride, a manufacturer with good warranty service if very IMPORTANT.

Don’t seek the cheaper tea cup ride without any after-sales service.

Safety is the No.1 priority issue for the theme park business.

Main types of Tea Cup Ride For Sale

36P Tea Cup Ride For Sale

36P Tea Cup Rides for Sale Sinorides


Required Area: 11mx11m

Number of Seats: 36

Height: 3.5m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 7.5kW

48P Tea Cup Ride For Sale

Sinorides quality 48P Tea Cup Rides for sale


Required Area: 13mx13m

Number of Seats: 48

Height: 3.5m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 11kW

How to Choose Qualified Tea Cup Ride


You need do some preparation to buy a reliable tea cup ride.


There are thousands of tea cup ride supplier in the market.

How do you choose a qualified tea cup ride?

Here we give you practical tips.

Let’s dive in.

Choose Tea Cup Ride from Brand Manufacturer

Here is the deal:

Brand manufacturer usually provide the whole after-sales service for tea cup ride.

The quality is reliable to bear any circumstance.

If you don’t know which manufacturer to choose, you could decide based on your budget.

Generally, European brand will cost more than Asian manufacturer.

But it does not mean Asian amusement ride manufacturer produce low quality tea cup ride.

Instead, many China amusement rides manufacturer have their own brands and produce reliable tea cup ride with affordable price.


As the labor cost is much cheaper in China with certified skillful workers.

 This is the core reason why the price of teacup ride from China manufacturers is cheaper than European made.

Choose Tea Cup Ride for sale with Qualified Material

This is easy to understand:

Qualified item use qualifed material.

A reliable tea cup ride must be equipped with reliable components and materials.

So you should check if the material of teacup ride is qualifed before buying it.

Choose Tea Cup Ride for sale with Test Certified

Here is the truth:

Different countries have different amusement rides standards.

You should confirm with the amusement rides manufacturer if their teacup ride meet your lcoal standard.

This could save your time and money on applying the ceretification.

A qualified teacup ride manufacturer will provide the required certifications documents to you.

FAQ of Tea Cup Ride for sale

Do you have agent in our country?

Please contact with us and tell us where you come from, We will confirm have agent or not in your country.

Can I do inspection of the teacup ride?

Yes. The inspection can be done by you or the third party.

Does your company accept customization on tea cup ride for sale?

Yes, we accept customization,please let us know your requirements.

Which after-sale services can you provide?

1.Offer the documents and certificates needed to make clearance to clients.

2.Offer general drawing,foundation drawing,circuit diagram and operating manual with local language.

3.Arrange engineers to client’s site to guide installation.

4.Training the operation team before park opening.

5.Offer 1 year warranty after the rides arrived client’s site.

6.Arrange professional engineers team to client’s site to pay regular visit to the customers after half a year or 1 year after the opening according to client’s requirements.


Now you have learn all the details of tea cup ride.

You also know how to choose qualified tea cup ride.

Sinorides is reliable tea cup ride manufacturer with full testing certified.

You can get support by contact us here.

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