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Sinorides Flying Chair Ride

Sinorides is leading amusement rides manufacturer in China. We have exported flying chair ride to 200+ countries.

Sinorides flying chair ride include 16p flying chair ride24p flying chair ride, 36p flying chair ride and 42p flying chair ride.

Sinorides flying chair ride use the same Germany accessories with pendulum ride for the electrical system. This could help to avoid the swing ride accident.

Our experts can tailor Flying chair ride for your park situation. From appearance to music & seats, we can customize every detail of Flying chair ride according your specific requirements and budget.

The safety issue is one of the most vital issues that the customers focus on.

Sinorides Flying chair ride integrated appearance parts, mechanical parts and electrical parts together with international brands to ensure its safety.


Why Sinorides Flying Chair Ride?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Flying Chair Ride Provider in The Market

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Detailed Introduction of Sinorides Flying Chair Ride

The flying chair ride is a large-scale tower amusement equipment.

It is peculiar as it integrates various forms of movement, such as rotation, lifting, and changing inclination.

Sinorides 36P Flying Chair Ride

36P Flying Chair Manufacturer Sinorides


Number of Seats: 36

Height: 7.5m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 28kW


Sinorides 24P Flying Chair Ride

24P Flying Chair Manufacturer


Number of Seats: 24

Height: 6m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 11.5kW


Sinorides 16P Flying Chair Ride

16P Flying Chair Manufacturer Sinorides


Number of Seats: 16

Height: 5m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 3.5kW


Sinorides 42P Flying Chair Ride

42P Flying Chair Manufacturer


Number of Seats: 42

Height: 8m

Rated Voltage: 380V

Driving Power: 40kW


1.1 Main Structure of Flying Chair Ride

The structural components of the flying chair will be briefly described below.

1.1.1 Base Frame and Transmission Part

Main Structure of Flying Chair Ride


The base frame is the basic component of the flying chair.


The upper end of the base is a counterclockwise rotating turntable.

It is primarily used for mounting and supporting the superstructure, as well as made to rotate with the turntable.

That’s not all:

Inside the base is electrically fitted by the collector ring, which in turn provides power to the upper rotating part.

1.1.2 Support System and Guide Wheel Transmission Part


The support system and the guide wheel transmission part are the support and motion guiding parts of the upper moving structure.

They ensure the support of the relative position of the relevant parts as well as aid the safe operation of the upper equipment.


The lifting and lowering of the entire structure of the flying chair is achieved by a built-in hydraulic lifting system.

1.1.3 Suspension System for Parachute and Hanging Chair


The parachute skeleton is a metal structure, and its functions to support the mechanism in which the upper portion rotates rapidly.

The seat is suspended on different radii of the bottom surface of the disc body, and the ups and downs are swung with the movement of the disc surface.


The seat is equipped with a reliable suspension and safety system to ensure passenger safety.

FRP & Chains of Flying Chair Ride

1.2 Working Principle of Flying Chair Ride

The flying chair ride combines rotation with the up and down movements.

The operation process goes like this:

After settling in the passengers, the operator powers on the device, and the motor drives the turntable to run.

A misalignment of the turntable and the intermediate turntable is put in effect.

The turntable is first shaken, then the flying chair starts to run like a wave.

The tourists/passengers experience a sort of a flying motion in the air, which can be very exciting.


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