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Sinorides Pendulum Rides For Sale

Sinorides, as a reliable amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide many styles of Pendulum rides for your theme park business. Such as 360° Small Pendulum Rides, 360° Large Pendulum Rides, 30 Seats Pendulum rides, etc.

Sinorides pendulum rides is equipped with Double insurance pressure bar, waist insurance, and crotch insurance, it is able to run more complex movement while keeping people safe. 

All Sinorides amusement park rides are designed with safety settings.

Sinorides pendulum rides integrate with international brands to ensure the reliability of the Transmission system.


Why Sinorides Pendulum Rides?


  • 27 Years Manufacturing Experience
  • IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer
  • Global Install & Maintain
  • Customized Design Available

Sinorides Aims to Be The Best Pendulum Rides Provider in The Market

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Pendulum Rides: The Definitive Guide

If you need pendulum rides for your park business, you have to check the definitive guide of pendulum rides.

For park owners, you can save a lot of time and cost when finding quality pendulum rides supplier.

This post will help you learn everything about pendulum rides.

Let’s dive in.

What’s Pendulum Rides?

Pendulum rides is also called frisbee rides. It is a thrill amusement rides that is commonly found in large theme parks.

The main shaft of the suspension cabin is driven by a motor to make a single pendulum movement.

Tourists ride back and forth on a rotating pendulum and enjoy the thrilling experience.


Pendulum rides uses the shoulder as the safety restraint, and the safety belt is used as the secondary insurance.

How Does The Pendulum Rides Work


The main motion of the pendulum rides can be simplified to a single pendulum model with large amplitude.

The main drive of the pendulum rides adopts the driving mode of the slewing bearing driven by the motor.

So that the motor can flexibly track the swing of the pendulum rides and realize non-uniform speed rotation.

Types of Pendulum Rides for Sale

Here is the truth:

There are many types of pendulum rides in the market.

So how do you choose suitable one for your park business?

Here we list the most common type of pendulum rides.

Keep Reading.

360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale

China Sinorides 360° Seats Small Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

360° Small Pendulum Rides is a popular type of Pendulum Rides.

It can rotate 360° from horizon to vertical angle, which brings more thrilling experience to people.

360° Small Pendulum Rides required 10mx14m area and can hold 12 person one time.

Also, the RGB lights is beautiful in the night.

360° Large Pendulum Rides for sale

360° Large Pendulum Rides from Sinorides

Similar to 360° Small Pendulum Rides, the 360° Large Pendulum Rides can bear 23 people with 14mx18m required area.

If your park area is large, this 360° Large Pendulum Rides is suit for your need to improve revenues.

30 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale

China Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

30 Seats Pendulum Rides can hold 30 people at one time with 20.5m height.

It is suitbale for large parks to attract people who want to seek thrilling experience.

If you want to buy this large Pendulum Rides, you should check carefully the certification and quality of the supplier.

23 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale

Sinorides 23 Seats Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

23 Seats Pendulum Rides has a running 13.6m height.

Sinorides 23 Seats Pendulum Rides can be compared to European quality with competitive price.

12 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale

12 Seats Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

12 Seats Pendulum Rides is suitable both for the indoor and outdoor space with 8mx8m required area.

If your budget is tight, this type of  Pendulum Rides is good to meet your budget.

6 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale

Quality 6 Seats Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

6 Seats Pendulum Rides Requires 6mx6m area and 4.2m height.

It features in slightly thrilling and suitable for kids to ride.

If your park is small, this 6 Seats Pendulum Rides is a better amusement rides to grow your park business.

Pendulum Rides Parts and Components


Pendulum Rides is composed by various of parts and components.

Different Pendulum Rides has different parts and components.

Today, we’re going to introduce some of the most common parts of Pendulum Rides.

Let’s go.

Mechanical Components of Pendulum Rides

1. Air Cylinder of Pendulum Rides

air cylinder of pendulum rides

Air Cylinder convert the compressed air pressure energy into mechanical energy.

It helps the driving mechanism do linear reciprocating motion, swinging and rotating motion.

In most cases, pendulum rides equipped with Double acting cylinder.

Air source is required whether the valve is open or closed.

If the air source is suddenly cut off, the valve will remain in the state at that time.

The valve can continue to work only after the air source is reconnected by the doube air cylinder.

 2. Chicken Leg Shoulder of Pendulum Rides

Chicken leg shoulder

Here is the truth:

Chicken leg shoulder is named as it looks like the Chicken leg.

You might be wondering:

Why you use this style of shoulder?

Let’s face it:

Most shoulders in amusement rides are made of general strength steel to prevent people from falling out.

Chicken leg shoulder use higher strength steel to improve the safety when pendulum rides are swing intensely.

3. Flange of Pendulum Rides

Flange of pendulum rides

Flange is an important part commonly used in modern machinery industry.

Flange is mainly used to connect different parts for the pendulum rides.

Flange connection is composed of a flange, a gasket and a bolt are connected to each other as a group.

First, each of the above parts is fixed on a flange, then a flange pad is fitted, and bolted together. This completes the flange connection.

 4. Air Compressor of Pendulum Rides

Air compressor of pendulum rides

The air compressor is a device for compressing gas to open the shoulder of pendulum rides.

It helps the platform of pendulum rides extends and retracts when people standing on it.

5. Brake Motor of Pendulum Rides

Brake motor of pendulum rides


Pendulum rides movement include many brakes and starts.

Brake motor helps pendulum rides achieve the Automation Control.

Brake motor features in fast braking, accurate positioning, safe and reliable.

6. Standard Slewing Bearing of Pendulum Rides

Standard slewing ring of pendulum rides

The slewing bearing is a large bearing that can withstand large axial and radial loads.

It is mainly used to fix the central axis and main column for the pendulum rides.

7. Threaded Hole of Pendulum Rides

M20 Threaded hole of pendulum rides


The Threaded Hole is used to connect and install the various parts of the pendulum rides.

8. Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pendulum Rides

Deep groove ball bearing for pendulum rides

Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used rolling bearings.

Its structure is simple and mainly used to bear radial load.

9. Planetary Reducer of Pendulum Rides

Planetary reducer of pendulum rides

Planetary Reducer can reduce the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque.

It helps to decelerate the pendulum rides and drive the column to rotate.

10. Bearing Roller of Pendulum Rides

Bearing roller of pendulum rides

The outer ring of Bearing Roller adopts the full complement cylindrical roller bearing with thick outer wall.

The roller can roll directly on the raceway and can bear heavier loads and impact loads.

It can limit the platform of pendulum rides to the designated position.

11. Torsion Limited Coupling of Pendulum Rides

Torsion limited coupling of pendulum rides

Torsion Limited Coupling is used to connect the driving shaft and driven shaft in different mechanisms to rotate together, and transmit motion and torque.

The coupling can also compensate for the deviation between the two shafts due to inaccuracies in manufacturing and installation.

It helps to drive the column rotate and transmit power.

Electrical Parts of Pendulum Rides

11. Distribution Cabinet of Pendulum Rides

Distribution Cabinet

Distribution Cabinet is used for the control operation of the Pendulum Rides.

The electrical components and circuits in the distribution Cabinet should be in good status.

The door lock should be kept by a special person.

12. Electric Bell of Pendulum Rides

electric bell of pendulum rides

The electric bell is a device that uses the characteristics of the electromagnet and requires an electromagnet and a power source to make the bell emit an acoustic signal.

It ususally rings when the Pendulum Rides begin to run.

13. Indicator Light of Pendulum Rides

pendulum rides Indicator light


Indicator lights are used to show the status of each circuit on the electrical cabinet.

14. Rotary Switches of Pendulum Rides

Rotary Switches of pendulum rides

The rotary switch is a switch that controls the on and off of the main contact by rotating the handle.

The whole rotary switch adopts a sealed structure, which has a certain waterproof effect.

15. Emergency Button of Pendulum Rides

emergency button of pendulum rides

The emergency stop button is a Eye-catching red button that operator can stop the pendulum rides by pressing the button quickly when an emergency occurs.

To start the pendulum rides again, you must release this button.

That is, just rotate it clockwise about 45° and release it, the pressed part will pop up.

16. Ammeter of Pendulum Rides

Ammeter of pendulum rides

Ammeter refers to the instrument used to measure the current in AC and DC circuits.

The ammeter is made according to the effect of the magnetic field force on the energized conductor in the magnetic field.

The operating environment of the ammeter should be far away from the external magnetic field.

17. Voltmeter of Pendulum Rides

Voltmeter of pendulum rides

The voltmeter is an instrument for measuring voltage.

It consists of permanent magnets, coils, etc.

When using, be sure to pay attention to the selection of the polarity and quantity limit of the connecting circuit.

18. Current Transformer of Pendulum Rides

Current Transformer

The current transformer is an instrument that converts a large current on the primary side into a small current on the secondary side according to the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Current transformers play the role of current transformation and electrical isolation.

19. Intermediate Relay of Pendulum Rides

Intermediate relay

Intermediate relays are usually used to transmit signals and control multiple circuits simultaneously.

Intermediate relay is usually used to switch the voltage for the pendulum rides.

20. PLC Host of Pendulum Rides

plc host of pendulum rides

PLC means Programmable Logic Controller and it is mainly used for automated control.

PLC can receive and send many types of electronic signals and use them to control all kinds of mechanical and electrical systems.

21. Switching Power Supply of Pendulum Rides

Switching power supply of pendulum rides

Switching Power Supply is widely used in industrial automation control.

Its function is to convert a level of voltage to the voltage required by the user through different forms of architecture.

22. Frequency Converter of Pendulum Rides

Frequency converter of pendulum rides

Frequency Converter is a power control device that controls the AC motor by changing the frequency of the working power supply of the motor.

It provides the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, and then achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation.

23. AC Contactor of Pendulum Rides

AC contactor of pendulum rides

The AC contactor eliminates the arc generated by the moving and static contacts during opening and closing.

The working principle of the AC contactor is to use electromagnetic force and spring force to realize the contact connection and disconnection.

24. Molded Case Circuit Breaker of Pendulum Rides

Molded case circuit breaker of pendulum rides

Molded case circuit breaker can automatically cut off the current after the current exceeds the trip setting.

Molded case circuit breaker is a branch circuit protection switch that install the contacts, arc extinguishing chamber, trip unit and operating mechanism in a plastic case.

 25. Terminal Block of Pendulum Rides

Terminal block

Terminal block is an insulating component that carries multiple or multiple sets of mutually insulated terminal assemblies and is used to fix the support.

The role of the terminal block is to connect the lines of the equipment inside the screen and the equipment outside the screen, and play the role of signal transmission.

26. Communication Connector of Pendulum Rides

Communication connector of pendulum rides

Communication Connector is a type of connector.

It connects two active devices and transmit current or signals.

27. Resistance of Pendulum Rides

resistance of pendulum rides

Resistance is the electronic component that impede current.

Resistance usually plays the role of voltage division and shunt in the circuit.

Pendulum Rides Raw Material

28. Steel Plate of Pendulum Rides

Steel plate of pendulum rides

The steel plate is a flat steel material which is casted with molten steel and pressed after cooling.

It is the main material for the mechanical structure of Pendulum Rides.

29. Channel Steel of Pendulum Rides

Channel steel of pendulum rides

Channel steel is a long steel bar with a cross-section.

It is mainly used to make the orbital platform of the Pendulum Rides.

30.  Angle Steel of Pendulum Rides

Angle Steel of pendulum rides

Angle steel is a long strip of steel that is perpendicular to each other on both sides.

Angle steel is mainly used for metal components.

Angle steel has better weldability, plastic deformation performance and certain mechanical strength in usage.

31. Square Tube of Pendulum Rides

Square tube of pendulum rides

Square tubes are steel tubes with equal and unequal sides.

It is unpacked, flattened, curled, welded to form a round tube, and then rolled into a square tube from the round tube and then cut to the required length.

Square tubes are also used to make the platform of the Pendulum Rides.

32. Round Bar of Pendulum Rides

Round steel of pendulum rides

Round steel refers to a solid long steel bar with a circular cross section.

It is used to make the axis of the mechanical structure of Pendulum Rides.

33. Rectangular Tube of Pendulum Rides

Rectangular tube of pendulum rides

Rectangular tube is a hollow long steel.

Rectangular tube is widely used in manufacturing mechanical parts and engineering structures with light weight.

34. Pattern Aluminum Plate of Pendulum Rides

Pattern aluminum plate of pendulum rides

The pattern of the pattern aluminum plate is arranged in accordance with five concave and convex patterns in a relatively parallel manner.

Each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, so this pattern has excellent non-slip performance.

35. Round Tube of Pendulum Rides

Round tube of pendulum rides

Round tube refers to a steel material that is open at both ends and has a hollow concentric cross-section with a length greater than that of the periphery.

It is applied to make the Column tube and Motor cover, etc.

Pendulum Rides Cost – How Much Should I Buy Pendulum Rides

If you are park owners or the amusement rides importer, you are eager to know the price of pendulum rides.

But the question is:

How do you really know the cost of the qualified pendulum rides?

Actually pendulum rides price depends on several factors such as Material, Type and Design.

Let us break down these factors to you.

Material of Pendulum Rides


Pendulum Rides is made of hundreds of components.

Different quality grade of components decides different quality of pendulum rides.

For example:

The Siemens brand of PLC Host will cost more than the ordinary brands.

Type of Pendulum Rides

Here is the truth:

There are many types of pendulum rides.

Pendulum rides with large size and more seats usually cost more than the smaller size with less seats.

If you want to buy pendulum rides, you need to consider what type your park need.

Design of Pendulum Rides

This is interesting:

Amusement rides is attractive as its design can attract people.

Colorful painting and appearance with beautiful lights is appealing to people especially the children.

Pendulum rides also meet this principle.

Generally, complex design cost more than the simple one.

As complex design requires more fabrication process and components.

FAQs on Pendulum Rides For Sale

We know you might have questions on the pendulum rides.

So here we list the most asked question of pendulum rides from our clients.

1. How about the installation of pendulum rides?

You don’t need to be the expert of pendulum rides.

Sinorides provide installation photos or video to clients, also can send engineers to install the rides.

Clients are responsible for related costs (Visa,round-trip flight tickets,accommodation, Carfare, and Cost US$100/day/person) and appoint a Chinese translator with Sinorides’s engineers.

2. How long is the guarantee of pendulum rides?

If the pendulum rides are installed by Sinorides, we will provide one year guarantee under unartificial faults for rides.

Sinorides offer parts for free and clients pay for the express fee.

The warranty period of pendulum rides is calculated from the date of receipt.

If the pendulum rides are not installed by Sinorides, we will not provide free warranty.

Clients will bear all the cost for damaged parts and other related maintenance costs.

3. What to do when the pendulum rides is break down during working?

First, you should immediately stop operate the pendulum rides and transfer passengers to a safe place.

Second, check the operation process of the operator.

Third, check the abnormal cause of the equipment, troubleshoot the equipment, and contact the supplier.

4. Does the Voltage and Hertz can be customized?

Yes, the Voltage and Hertz can be customized according to your country standard.

5. Can you do inspection of the pendulum rides?

Yes. The inspection can be done by you or the third party.

6. Do you in charge of training? How much in charge?

Yes, we in charge of installation and training.

If you need, we can send our engineers to help you install the pendulum rides and train your worker how to operate and maintain the rides.

Your side should bear our engineers’:

  • round trip air tickets.
  • salary: USD100/day.
  • accommodation.
  • catering: food and beverage.
  • pick up and drop off.

7. What’s the advantages of your company?

  • Sinorides is the direct amusement rides manufacturer established since 1992.
  • Sinorides can offer best service range from design, manufacture, installation and training.
  • Sinorides has professional technical department, will offer client’s customized service.
  • Sinorides has over 80 countries successful park projects.
  • Sinorides is Responsible to the after sales service.


Through this post, you can know the working principle of pendulum rides and its components.

But you need to choose the qualified material, suitable type and design of pendulum rides to meet your park situation.

With the info of this pendulum rides guide, you can be confident in buying the right pendulum rides.

Sinorides design and manufacture various of pendulum rides from 6 seats to 30 seats, even larger size is available.

Just contact us today to let our engineer help you to choose the suitable pendulum rides now.

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