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How James World Get Huge Results with Sinorides Theme Park Design

See How James World Used Sinorides Theme Park Design and Products

to Build Park that Get More Visitors.

Country: Nepal

Park Size: 13,000 sqm

Total Investment: $150,000


of James World

“ Sinorides is a great partner that can bring added revenue to your park, there’s great support, and ultimately you’re getting better results for your park business.”


To offer amusement rides to their local market exchange for ticket sales, get visitors and cover the investment back on return fast.


Rather than buying new amusement rides, James Park wanted to make their local site impressive by tailored park rides.


Converted 99% of visitors into paid clients, generating hundreds of new clients a day.

See How James World used Sinorides Theme Park Design to Build Park that Get More Visitors


James World received several companies proposal promoting their amusement rides to theme park.

These proposals were most likely to appeal to park owners interested in solving their park business pains, but it fails to make the commitment of realizing it.

  We’ve received tons of amusement rides supplier quotation and pitches, but none of them understand our need.” —Zaeed, Manager of James World.


There are 2 options for visitors in your park.

One is they pay for the tickets to play the amusement rides that they love.

This could add revenues to your park business.

The another one?

They leave without any consumption.

You don’t want to it happen, right?

So how do James World convert their visitors to paid customers?

The answer could be the following aspects.

Step 1. Confirm Target Visitors

Since James World has got their land to open park, their primary task is to research the Target Visitor so as to the chosen of amusement rides.

In this case, James World found most of the visitors would be the kids around 8 years old with their family.

And Sinorides made a tailored park design with suitable types of kids rides such as bumper cars, trackless train, flying chair, etc to meet their local visitors needs.

Nepal James World Park Project Design by Sinorides

The best part?

Sinorides provided the proposal that could let James World afford to buy park rides and install them with reasonable cost.

Step 2. Install & Training


Installation of amusement rides means a lot for theme park.

Unprofessional guys will deliver bad performance and waste your money.

Sinorides sent engineers directly to the site of James World and helped to make all the park rides installed plus tested.

I think you will agree when I say:

No training, no qualified operator.

No qualified operator, No successful park business.

Skilled operators are the guarantee of your park business.

But how do you get experienced guys to run the amusement rides?

Two choices:

You can pay higher salary to hire someone from your local market.

Or you could train your staff to become skillful to do this job.

Since it is difficult for James World to seek suitable person in their Local area.

Sinorides sent park operation expert Hugh to train staff of James World.

Here is a recap of the training video:

At first, it is not easy to let all the operator master the points of how to operate the park rides.

After several practices, the operators made it!

Now the park rides is running smoothly with the control of James World.

Step 3. Marketing Strategy

Let’s back to the question:

How do James World convert their visitors to paid customers?

Generally, most of theme park sell entrance tickets and other catering fees.

James World did one thing very well:

The strategy of ticket selling.

Besides the tickets of playing park rides, James World sell sightseeing ticket, which could let visitors travel the park without pay extra fees if they don’t want to play the rides.

Combined with other promotions, 99% of visitors become paid clients.


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