How to Start Amusement Park Business


Many people wonder how to open an amusement park in their local market.


There are many things need to do before you run the park business and it is a totally different experience against the park visitors.

What does it mean?

Starting amusement rides business means you will be buying amusement rides and run it in park to sell at a profit, much like a business world.

The only difference is that you will be working in park business field.

You will be providing recreational facility to the public and gain revenues from your amusement park rides and other related resources.

In this article I will discuss a variety of steps that you have to take on your path to establish a successful amusement rides business.

1.Have the required skills

skills for amusement park business

First and foremost, there is need that you should have the required skills before getting yourself into the game.

So what is the skills you need?

One of the main skill that you should be equipped with is a good negotiation skills.

This refers to your ability of buying amusement rides and its parts at a reasonable price from the manufactures and being able to make profits upon providing them to your customers.

To be able to do this, experts suggest that you should have a purchasing background and the bargaining skills so that you are able to search for the most reliable amusement rides manufacturer in China and choose the best suitable types of amusement rides for you local clients.

2. Study the Amusement Rides Market

amusement park market


Research and study is a necessary requirement for any business.

It is advisable that you get to study the amusement rides market through theme park industry resource.

The bottom line?

You can simply get this executed by first consulting an professional who is already in the amusement rides business.

The best part?

Do this by talking to those individuals who have their amusement rides business set up in another city simply because your local competitors are not going to give you the information that you need.

In fact, these foreign competitors are willing to even share start up ideas with you.

You might be wondering:

How I ask the amusement park owners if I do not know any one in this industry?

Here is the deal:

You could ask for help in Quora by simply post your questions here.

Quora is a community where variety kinds of industry people gather on.

For example,

Let’s say you wanna open theme park in India.

You could log in Quora and type your question “How to open theme park in India”.

How to open theme park in India quora screen

And your questions might be answered by users of Quora if he or she has the experience.

Another available place on internet is Reddit.


Grouped by interest, reddit has billions of users worldwide with the same interest.

Similar with quora, you can research any useful info about theme park business in reddit.

These 2 steps therefore enable you contact a number of amusement park business owners.

3. Find a reliable company that manufacturer quality amusement rides and amusement rides parts

reliable amusement rides manufacturer

Here is the truth:

As an amusement park owner, your initial steps while venturing into the entrepreneurial landscape, you will need to define your customer base and also move a step further and locate a reliable source of your products.

It is important that you do research to locate a amusement rides manufacturer that produces quality products.


DO NOT just buy cheaper park rides without considering the safe of your visitors.

Low quality amusement rides always accompany with high risk for people’s life.

According to IAAPA, 80% park accidents happen due to the quality of amusement rides.

It is a guarantee that by providing safe and price friendly amusement rides tickets to your customers, you will definitely establish a good and permanent customer base.

4.Setting up a park

Setting up a park by Sinorides

Considering the fact that amusement rides and their parts are large and hence take a much bigger space for display, you might find the need to buy or rent an affordable space for your park location.


Location of your amusement park is important to the growth of your business.

More often than not, such business premises are located off the beaten pathways and not in down town shopping area.

The location should be of a close proximity to your clients.

5.Start out your business

start park business

You can decide to start from scratch or buy an existing business.

Assess your financial situation and make a decision whether you will be doing the business full -time of part -time basis.

A full time commitment will mean quick success because you will be devoting all your effort to your park business.

Like any other entertainment business your amusement rides business will require that you perform sales and marketing, accounting, shipping and receiving and customer service functions on a daily basis.

Also you should handle tasks like contacting existing suppliers, processing orders, supporting customers who need help with problems that they crop up and doing market research.

Amusement rides business have taken roots in majority of the cities and this means that you will definitely face a stiff competition.

To avoid or rather stay alive in the amusement rides market, you will need to find a way to promote your business to publics.

A good way to execute this is by joining a professional network like the IAAPA or Theme Parks Attractions group which will let you have more contacts on theme park industry.


Amusement rides business is quite a large business investments and this therefore requires that you have enough knowledge and capital.

This is due to the fact that you will be running an independently owned and operated park that open and run amusement rides.

A full time commitment to such a business will mean quick success.

If you need any help when you want to start your amusement park rides business , freely contact our support team at

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